Introducing Online Store 2.0: Build a Scalable Website Faster With Shopify

Announced at Shopify Unite, Online Store 2.0 is here to simplify and optimize building a website for your ecommerce business. 

The capabilities of the platform have been built and upgraded to give you more control over store setup, to create customized storefronts for your brand and scale it as your business grows. 

Let's take a look at how Online Store 2.0 is better for you to run your business online.

What does Shopify Online Store 2.0 have in store for you? 

1. Add more sections on every page 

Up until now, you were able to add sections only to the home page. To be able to add a new section/ content block or visual elements on other pages, you were required to edit code, seek custom apps or outsource the task to Shopify web developers. 

But with Online Store 2.0, you will be able to add sections to all the pages using the editor. This will help you personalize every aspect of the store, and also share more information with potential buyers to help them make informed purchase decisions. 

2. Use metafields to add content 

The updated theme editor will also allow you to add metafields and properties without having to use APIs or code. Metafields now also supports media such as images or PDF files. This means that you will have more control over the content you add to your product pages as additional information.  

For example, if you want to add a size chart or an ingredient list to your product pages, you can use the new file picker to upload the same into the metafield. 

3. Edit your theme easily 

Shopify Online Store 2.0 also comes with an upgraded theme editor that is as easy to use as drag and drop tools. Instead of having to drill down into different sections, the editor now displays all the content on a page in the sidebar. 

From this sidebar, you can easily re-arrange blocks or hide them, and see a preview of the same in real-time. This lets you decide what content you want to display at any given time on any of the pages.

4. Better integration with Shopify apps 

The introduction of app blocks in Online Store 2.0 enables better integration with Shopify apps. The plug and play functionality of our apps now comes with reduced troubleshooting, as this update makes them consistent across all themes. 

This means when you install an app, you will require low to no changes to your theme files. Simply put, don’t hesitate to explore any of the apps from the Shopify app store now!  

5. Reduced dependency on partners 

The platform upgrades have been made keeping in mind the ease of setting up a website. With more control over theme edits, app integration and metafields to add content, you will now have a reduced reliance on support from partners and vendors. 

Since most of the store edits have been moved to no-code or low-code formats, most of the changes can be handled by you or your team. This also brings down the cost of building, running and maintaining your website, and the wait for updates! 

6. Keep your store up-to-date 

You can now also easily update your Online Store 2.0 themes. By enabling updates, you will be able to access the latest and the best features of Shopify in a matter of minutes - all without having to seek help or edit codes in your theme files. 

This is similar to how you set up mobile apps for auto-updates so that they remain up-to-date and bug-free.  

7. More tools for your partners 

If you’re working with Shopify partners for web design, web development, app customization and similar tasks, the Online Store 2.0 updates equip them with powerful tools to keep up with your changing needs. 

Some of these developer tools include Shopify Github integration, Shopify CLI, Theme Check and updated documentation to understand the new capabilities the platform has to offer. You can read about it in detail here.  

Build a website without coding 

Shopify is one of the most popularly chosen ecommerce platforms by merchants. The idea behind the platform upgrade is to make it more user-friendly and give you more control over your online storefronts. 

Online Store 2.0 is helping businesses build faster, more scalable and optimized websites with ease. 

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Frequently asked questions about Shopify 2.0

What is Online 2.0 in Shopify?

Also called Online Store 2.0 (OS 2.0), Shopify is referring to the recent update made to its ecommerce platform. Shopify Online Store 2.0 is a new and improved platform to simplify building a website for your online business with an easy-to-use dashboard and editor. It also comes with powerful developer tools that will enable website developers and designers to build customized storefront experiences, and apps for merchants.

What are Shopify metafields?

Metafields enable you to customize the appearance of your Shopify store. It lets you upload and add additional information to your storefront without having to hard code the content or the files into your theme. For example, to add size charts and ingredient lists.

Is coding required to build a website on Shopify?

With the new Shopify Online Store 2.0 platform, you can build a website yourself. The new theme editor, app blocks and customization capabilities, give you more creative control and flexibility to design and edit your storefront, without having to learn code or outsource the task to partners.

But if you’re looking at building a complex interface for your buyer’s journey, you may still have to work with Shopify web designers and developers.

How do I update to a Shopify 2.0 theme?

All the Shopify themes (free and paid) are now up-to-date with Shopify 2.0 requirements. But you can still check for the same using the following steps:
  • From your Shopify store admin dashboard, go to Online Store > Themes
  • Find the theme you want to update and click on the version notification to see if an update is available
  • Next, click Add to theme library - this will make a copy of your original theme, download the updated theme version
  • Apply customizations using the theme editor

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