Women Entrepreneurs Running Successful Online Businesses on Shopify

We shouldn't need a specific day to celebrate women, but it certainly helps to remind ourselves how they can be mothers, sisters, wives, friends and build strong businesses because of the many things they bring to the table. 

Whether it is the story of an entrepreneur who brought empathy into the beauty industry, or a mother who helped fellow parents get access to quality toys for their children, sisters who paved the way for new food categories or invested in their love for jewellery, friends who stepped into the world of design or a rural artisan who created a livelihood for herself and others in her community - here are some powerful stories of women entrepreneurs that we, at Shopify, were glad to be a part of.

We hope that if there is something you’re passionate about, this inspires you to step and take a chance, knowing we’re here to make your journey easier. 

Women entrepreneurs in India who took their dreams online with Shopify 

1. Suhasini and Anindita Sampath, Yogabar 

Suhasini and Anindita Sampath came forward with a concept that no one brought to India to address the most important meal of the day - breakfast. They founded Yogabar, pioneering in ‘breakfast bars’ in the country and have today become synonymous with healthy eating options in India by introducing mueslis, peanut butters, gluten free oats and much more.

The brand scaled 5x since the pandemic with Shopify supporting their vision of making healthier breakfast options easily accessible, from the very start. Read their success story here.

2. Pragya and Divya Batra, Quirksmith

Quriksmith, a silver jewelry brand was started out by Pragya and Divya Batra to change the narrative around women and jewelry. They wanted to turn the age-old approach to jewelry as a mere accessory that decorates a woman into something that sparked curiosity and conversations.

With a clear vision in mind, they DIY-ed their way to building a Shopify store and today, have found a cult-like success customer base - not just in India, but globally. Read their success story here

3. Avneet Mann and Vivita Relan, The Wishing Chair 

Founded in 2012, The Wishing Chair Design Studio is a women-led homegrown Indian brand started out by Avneet Mann and Vivita Relan, to take a unique and playful approach to day-to-day products. Their collection of home decor items, dining and more celebrate creativity, and handcrafted artisanship.

They went from running a successful offline business to building a reliable online sales channel with Shopify around the pandemic, taking their unique products to homes across the country. Read their success story here

4. Ruma Devi, Ruma - The Craft of India 

A globally recognized rural artisan, Ruma Devi is an inspiration to women from all walks of life. A journey that was started out by an individual to earn a livelihood, has now become a global community that enables women to step up and earn a financial independence by taking their art and craft to the urban markets.

Their online store on Shopify is bridging the gap between rural and urban India, enabling local artisans with ecommerce capabilities so they can sell directly to consumers, removing the middlemen from the equation. Read her success story here.  

5. Nisha Ramasamy, Ariro Toys 

A computer engineer, Montessori teacher and mom, Nisha Ramasamy’s drive to give her daughter only the best, led to starting Ariro Toys along with her husband. The brand is today known for its minimal and purposeful approach to toys in India, that help children in their initial years of development by removing distractions from things they use on a daily basis.

At the same time, they are also helping artisans from India, giving them an opportunity to grow by innovating wooden toys for different age groups. 

6. Vineeta Singh, Sugar Cosmetics 

Noticing how most beauty brands in the Indian market did not cater to local consumer needs, Vineeta Singh stepped up and founded Sugar Cosmetics. Today, the brand is known for its range of beauty and cosmetics products across the globe for products that are formulated for all skin types and colors.

They have become an industry disruptor that has raised $21 million in Series C funding and is now looking at a $500 million valuation after judging on Shark Tank India. Hear her success story here

7. Rashi Narang, Heads Up For Tails 

Rashi Narang’s journey as a pet parent led her to discover a number of gaps in the pet supply industry. Seeking good quality products like dog leashes, collars, beds, treats and toys, led her to identify a market opportunity to cater to fur friends and their parents in a better way. Heads Up For Tails is today a leading pet supplies store, known globally for their innovative approach to bringing more variety and quality to pet products across all categories. Read her success story here

8. Vibha Harish, CosMix 

A Forbes 30 under 30 mention, Vibha Harish is the Founder of CosMix, a health and wellness brand that is today known for its plant-based mixes. She has organically built a purpose-led brand via Shopify, to promote healthy living on all fronts with superfoods and natural herb mixes to address health issues ranging from PCOS/ PCOD, gut health, skin and hair, and much more. Read their story of organic growth here

This women’s day, choose to celebrate your passion! 

Shopify has enabled women from different backgrounds, expertise and walks of life to set up an online front that turned their passion into full-time businesses. We’ve been able to support them at various stages of their business and have helped them reach a wider audience with their products and services, and we’d love to do the same for you. 

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