Selling Shopify: How to Grow Your Business by Expanding Your Service Offering

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As a Shopify Partner, your clients and their businesses vary depending on their size, industry, and activities. These variables affect the work you do and the solutions you offer, with each client requiring tailored solutions to help them succeed.

Shopify is equipped with various products and features that extend its main functionality, empowering you to offer your clients unique solutions using a single platform. This means that you can service clients who are small mom and pop shops, enterprise-level brands, who sell online, offline, or both.

But while building a strong understanding of Shopify’s products allows you to speak with greater confidence to clients, devoting the time and energy needed to learn that foundational knowledge might take away from other essential work.

To help you with this dilemma, we’ve created an exclusive selection of sales resources that you can use when pitching Shopify to clients. Each sales resource comes with a dedicated guide as well as a presentation on the specific product in question, outlining its features and benefits.

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Evolve the way you pitch clients

With the help of these sales resources, you and your team can expand your service offering and more efficiently pitch to clients. No more doing the heavy-lifting that’s involved with researching and putting together information on Shopify products for your clients. Now, you have everything you need to know about featured products in one place.

Here’s what you can expect from each resource:

  • A description of the product and its features.
  • Why it’s important to the future of commerce.
  • How to pitch existing or prospective clients the product in question.
  • Knowing who to pitch the product to.
  • How to provide your clients with support.

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Getting started

Visit the Shopify Partner sales resource page today and access the following sales resources:

Shopify sales toolkit

The Shopify sales toolkit will teach you how to position Shopify to your existing and prospective clients, and show them why Shopify’s hosted ecommerce platform is right for their business.

Shopify Plus toolkit

The Shopify Plus toolkit will teach you how to spot Shopify Plus prospects, and how to recommend the plan based on their individual needs. It also has everything you need for selling to high-volume, fast-growing merchants.

Shopify POS toolkit

The Shopify POS toolkit includes an overview of the Shopify POS solution, the opportunity of retail, the benefit to your clients, and how to sell Shopify POS.

You can download all toolkits at once or download individual kits to address your most relevant business and client needs.

grow your business: resources
Download all toolkits at once to access all Shopify Sales Resources.
grow your business: access
Download individual kits to address your most relevant business and client needs. 

Grow your business with Shopify

As you align your business with the Shopify platform, we want to help you win Shopify projects and make progress on your journey to becoming a Shopify Expert.

Access partner sales resources

We’ll be updating and adding to the sales resources page over the coming months, so be sure to keep an eye on the page!

Are you eager to learn more about a specific product? Let us know what you want to see next on the sales resource page in the comments below!

Grow your business with the Shopify Partner Program

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