The 2017 Shopify Commerce Awards — Apps and Development Honorable Mentions

shopify commerce awards apps honorable mentions

The Shopify Commerce Awards is our competition celebrating the incredible work that the partner ecosystem does for merchants around the world. This past year, we recognized four developers for the excellent work they had done in building product extensions with our tools and resources.

However, with all the amazing and inspiring work we reviewed, we couldn’t resist designating honorable mentions, and showing off more of the incredible projects our partners have completed.

Below are our four honorable mentions, one for each award in the Apps and Development category.

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1. Best Store Experience Using Storefront API — tapcart

shopify commerce awards apps honorable mentions: tapcart

The beauty of the Storefront API is that is give developers the ability to inject commerce functionality into any website, game, or mobile app. Taking advantage of the Mobile Buy SDK that’s part of this API family, tapcart has built out over 1000 merchant apps for iOS users.

2. Best App Experience Using the Marketing Events API — PushOwl

shopify commerce awards apps honorable mentions: pushowl

While it’s easy to think of push notifications as an annoyance, the PushOwl app generates helpful mobile push notifications that provide value such as helping buyers not miss out on sales, and helping merchants get the word out that items are back in stock or still sitting in-cart waiting to be purchased.  

Behind the key functions of this useful and creative app, is the Marketing Events API.

3. Best Store Experience Using Shopify Scripts — Bold Commerce

shopify commerce awards apps honorable mentions: bold commerce

Shopify Plus merchants strive to give all their customers and smooth and seamless shopping experiences. Shopify Scripts give the developers who work with these merchants the ability to add integrations into their online store that are consistent with the rest of the store experience.

For client, the team at Bold Commerce created a flawless customization that bundles items together in the customer’s cart, integrated seamlessly using Shopify Scripts.

4. Best App Design Using Polaris —

shopify commerce awards apps honorable mentions: smileio

It’s not surprising that an app centred around making merchants and customers smile would want to make the their app experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. The team at embraced the Polaris style guide and its components to make every parts of their app clear and consistent with the UX experience Shopify merchants are used to. They even found that using Polaris helped make their app interface even simpler and easier to use than it previously had been.

Congratulations to all our Commerce Awards 2017 winners and honorable mentions!

Announcing the 2017 Shopify Commerce Awards Winners 🎉

Our esteemed panel of judges has deliberated on the 2017 Shopify Commerce Awards! Read on to see who won in the categories of Design, UX and UI, Apps and Development, as well as Marketing and Branding.

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