How GoodGood Built a 15,000 Member Rewards Program with Shopify POS

How GoodGood Built a 15,000 Member Rewards Program with Shopify POS

GoodGood is a Toronto-based all-day café that’s known for its curated selection of locally made specialty food and beverages—from ready-to-eat snacks and prepared meals to seltzers, craft beer, and wines.

Unlike most cafés, though, GoodGood’s four (soon to be five) all-day cafés also serve as hyper-local distribution centers for its online delivery service and perks program, Good Friends. “We view our all-day cafés as high-frequency discovery and acquisition centers,” explains Kris Linney, GoodGood’s co-founder. “Customers come in for a cup of coffee, discover and try the products we carry for free, and sign up for Good Friends to get discounted coffee and free samples every day. Once that relationship is built, members start placing orders online through our delivery service—and those orders have higher average order values.” 

To bring its omnichannel business to life, GoodGood chose Shopify Plus to run its online store and Shopify POS for its cafés. Since launch, GoodGood’s physical presence has been the backbone of its growth and fuelled impressive results:

  • Over 15,000 store-attributed signups for its rewards program, Good Friends 
  • 90% of transactions coming Good Friends members 
  • Over $1 million in sales, with delivery orders having over 3x on-premise order value
  • Cafés pacing toward $1,000 in sales per square foot

The challenge: One platform to fuel omnichannel growth 

GoodGood’s official launch came in 2021, when the brand officially launched its online delivery service and opened its first all-day café in Toronto. From the beginning, GoodGood’s online and retail efforts were powered by Shopify. Within six months, GoodGood opened a total of four cafés in Toronto, each powered by Shopify POS. 

GoodGood needed many things from its POS system, though three stood out as the brand’s omnichannel presence started gaining traction.

The first: GoodGood’s cafés are unique in that they offer both coffee-based drinks and carry a curated selection of specialty snacks and beverages. They needed a system that enabled staff to handle peak foot traffic, could move freely through the café, and process transactions wherever customers were. 

An inside look at GoodGood's Toronto café

The second: improved omnichannel capabilities. For its online delivery service to be a pleasant experience for customers, its online store needed to mark products as out of stock when the café fulfilling the order ran out. “The majority of our online delivery orders happen within a one kilometer radius of our cafés,” says Kris. “Cafés are our acquisition centers, while delivery orders have higher order values. We needed that customer journey to be seamless.” 

Lastly, collecting and centralizing customer and sales data was key to GoodGood’s offering. Café staff needed to be able to easily sign patrons up for Good Friends, and GoodGood’s operations team needed visibility on each café’s signup rate, repeat purchase rate, average order value, most popular products, and more. “Having centralized data helps us see how our cafés support online sales in the surrounding area, which gives us confidence that our business model works and can scale,” Kris says.  

With Shopify, we can use one cohesive platform to run our online store, delivery service, and café, and have everything function properly. From an operational standpoint, it’s been great.

Kris Linney, Co-Founder, GoodGood

The solution: Unifying its sales channels with Shopify

To effectively serve walk-ins, issue free samples, sign customers up for Good Friends, and prepare delivery orders, GoodGood knew it couldn’t rely on a traditional POS setup, where payment terminals were tethered to a checkout counter. 

Instead, it chose Shopify POS for its handheld functionality. GoodGood’s team downloaded the Shopify POS app onto multiple iPads, enabling staff to move freely with customers through the café.  “We have four iPads set up with the Shopify POS app at each café to encourage that guided product discovery between our staff and customers no matter how busy it gets,” Kris says. “They can easily pick up an iPad, walk customers through our product assortment, issue free samples, sign folks up for Good Friends, and spend time away from the counter.”

Staff also appreciate Shopify POS’ customizable home screen, which helps them fly through busy periods. “We add shortcuts for popular coffee orders, samples, and discounts to the home screen, which help staff put orders through much quicker, '' says Kris.

A closer look at GoodGood's specialty snacks and beverages

While much of GoodGood’s staff came from the hospitality sector and had never used Shopify POS before, they were able to get comfortable with it quickly. “The learning curve was pretty seamless,” says Kris. “We get feedback that it’s the easiest operating system they’ve worked with.”

Along with Shopify POS’ value for the front-of-house, its seamless connection with GoodGood’s Shopify site made scaling its membership program, Good Friends, straightforward. “Thanks to Shopify’s reporting, we can find products with high sell-through rates and repeat purchase rates and give them away as samples,” says Kris. “If a product matches that criteria, that suggests customers like it so much they buy it again. It gives us confidence that the items we issue as free samples will encourage them to sign up for Good Friends, and fuels repeat purchases, too.”  

It was important for us to choose a POS system that plugged into our online store, which runs on Shopify Plus. That way, we could keep using Shopify as our system of record for inventory, orders, sales, and customers across our online store and four café locations.

Kris Linney, Co-Founder, GoodGood

The results: Supercharged customer retention and lifetime value

Since launch, GoodGood’s cafés have been a vital part of its growth strategy—fuelling in-person sales, Good Friends memberships, and repeat purchases through local delivery. 

💡 PRO TIP: Shopify local delivery is a set of flexible tools that let you offer shoppers local delivery options at checkout. Set delivery zones, add pricing conditions for each zone, manage and prepare orders for delivery, and create optimized delivery routes for drivers from Shopify.

“As a result of our café-led customer acquisition strategy, Good Friends now has over 15,000 members, and over 90% of our sales come from that cohort,” says Kris. “Shopify makes it so easy for staff to sign folks up and give them free samples they actually want. That helps us build trust and turn most walk-in traffic into repeat customers.”

The retention gains were real, but so were the insights GoodGood’s team gained to quantify the importance of Good Friends for its growth. “Shopify’s reports show us really clear growth in a customer’s average order value, order frequency, and lifetime value before and after they sign up for Good Friends,” Kris says. “That’s what gives us confidence that the main goal of our cafés is to help customers discover specialty products and incentivize them to sign up and start using our delivery service.”

In fact, as a result of this store-led acquisition strategy, GoodGood sees a correlation between online sales and the billing location’s proximity to its cafés. “We see a strong relationship between the number of Good Friends signups a café generates and delivery orders in the surrounding area. The average order value for delivery orders surpasses on-premise orders nearly threefold, which suggests we continue prioritizing Good Friends signups.” 

GoodGood's cafe countertop

Knowing how valuable Good Friends signups are for sustained customer retention and growing lifetime value, GoodGood pays close attention to staffs’ email collection rate, which represents how many new customers become Good Friends members. “If one staff member is really good at getting folks to sign up and others are struggling, we organize informal training sessions to improve how they position Good Friends with customers,” Kris says. 

While there’s a clear emphasis on driving Good Friends signups and growing its delivery service, store sales have also surpassed expectations. “We’ve hit over $1 million in sales since launch, and our cafés are pacing towards $1,000 in sales per square foot,” says Kris. “Considering most of the products we sell are under $20, that’s pretty amazing. We have really high sales volume per day.” 

By using Shopify to run both its online store and cafés, GoodGood has a unified home for all its customer and sales data and can build a unified experience to all its customers, however they choose to shop. “Shopify’s built-in reporting is great for brands that want more sophisticated insights without patching together multiple systems or customizing our analytics. We get a single view of our business out of the box.” 

With Shopify, we have a complete view of our customer journey across all sales channels. Having centralized customer and sales data has helped us optimize our business model for customer retention and lifetime value, which has helped us scale.

Kris Linney, Co-Founder, GoodGood

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