Sell more with Instagram

Sell directly on Instagram, without your customers ever having to leave the app.

A new way to reach mobile shoppers

Make any Instagram post shoppable

Provide a seamless in-app shopping experience, from discovery to checkout.

Inspire shoppers

Connect with trend-seeking customers who love to discover and explore new products on Instagram.

Boost sales

Increase your reach with access to over 500 million daily active Instagram users.

Get your store ready for Instagram product tagging

Instagram product tagging is currently in testing. It’s only available to an initial group of Shopify businesses, selected by Instagram. Once the test phase is complete, this feature will be available to everyone. To ensure you’re eligible and ready to use Instagram product tagging:

Attribution is a work in progress. To see how shoppers are engaging with your posts, you can track Instagram referral traffic. Sales will be attributed to the online store channel.