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With a constantly evolving landscape of tools, strategies, and touchpoints, your digital marketing skills need to stay sharp. Learn everything from social media to paid search, content marketing, and more with free digital marketing training from Shopify.

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Thumbnail preview about Ask me anything about Instagram with Later
Recorded Webinar
1h 2m

Ask me anything about Instagram with Later

Join Lexie Carbone and Nikki Canning from Later for a live discussion on everything Instagram. Creators of the Shopify Compass course How to make money on Instagram, the Later team will join us to answer all of your burning questions on how to be successful in building your brand, understanding new features and setting up your digital storefront for this social channel. Submit your questions in advance ([here!]( to ensure you crush your Instagram game in 2021.
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Thumbnail preview about How to create a 2021 advertising roadmap
Recorded Webinar
1h 2m

How to create a 2021 advertising roadmap

Wondering how best to create and allocate your advertising budget in 2021 after the year that was? In this webinar, Brandon Lupo, co-founder of digital agency Slicedbread will bring historical data from their clients to you, to help provide visibility into yearly trends and the effects of 2020 on advertising channels. We'll help you take those trends and establish monthly budgets to maximize performance.
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Thumbnail preview about How Pinterest can boost your traffic (and sales) in 2021
Recorded Webinar
1h 3m

How Pinterest can boost your traffic (and sales) in 2021

Looking to attract new customers and grow sales? With over 400 million monthly active users with high shopping intent, Pinterest is a sales channel worth considering. Join Pinterest Product Specialist Alisa Meredith who will cover what you need to get more traffic and sales. We’ll cover how to create Pins that stand out and how to get found in search using easy, affordable tools that make Pinterest marketing fun and effective.
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Learn digital marketing today

Marketing is one of the key disciplines of any successful business. While accounting keeps your finances in check and administration ensures your organization is, ahem, organized, marketing is the outward-facing part of your business that captures the attention of potential customers. From social media and email messaging to in-person interactions and packaging, your marketing plan determines how you brand your product or service, showcase its benefits, and start to build relationships with customers. And thanks to the internet, those customers are closer to you than ever before, which means that you need to learn digital marketing to keep them within your grasp.

Fortunately, Shopify offers a comprehensive selection of online digital marketing training tutorials that can help you hone your skills, even if you’re already an experienced marketer. Our free digital marketing training video content will help you fill in knowledge gaps and can bring you up to speed with the latest technologies, strategies, and tactics, so you can bring your business to customers at the speed of light. Plus, at Shopify we understand that as a business owner, your schedule is tight, so unlike a regular marketing education program, our tutorials are conveniently available 24 hours a day via streaming video. Learn digital marketing via your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Each video is quick and concise, allowing you to add to your skill set first thing in the morning, late at night, or between client meetings during the day.

How can I learn digital marketing at home for free?

Every tutorial from Shopify is completely free. You can learn digital marketing by simply choosing a topic and clicking the play button. There is no fee, no prerequisites, and you don’t have to register. Watch one tutorial or all of them—Shopify’s free digital marketing training won’t cost you a thing.

How do beginners learn digital marketing?

The best way to learn digital marketing is by starting with basics like sales tactics, campaigns, branding, or advertising. Just choose a tutorial that satisfies both your interests and your business needs and start there. If you’re an experienced business owner but a new marketer, you likely have more marketing skills than you realize, so a great strategy for your online digital marketing training is to browse Shopify’s topics and start with the tutorials that fill gaps in your knowledge.

What do I learn in digital marketing?

There is a constantly growing list of digital marketing topics available in Shopify’s online course catalogue. From broad subjects like brand communication and marketing fundamentals, to specific skills like logo creation and search engine optimization (SEO), you can add new competencies in a matter of minutes thanks to the convenience of streaming video.