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As an entrepreneur, you bring valuable products and services to your community every day. But you can reach further and make a bigger impact by honing your marketing skills with online marketing training from Shopify.

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Thumbnail preview about Ask me anything about Instagram with Later
Recorded Webinar
1h 2m

Ask me anything about Instagram with Later

Join Lexie Carbone and Nikki Canning from Later for a live discussion on everything Instagram. Creators of the Shopify Compass course How to make money on Instagram, the Later team will join us to answer all of your burning questions on how to be successful in building your brand, understanding new features and setting up your digital storefront for this social channel. Submit your questions in advance ([here!]( to ensure you crush your Instagram game in 2021.
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Thumbnail preview about How to create a 2021 advertising roadmap
Recorded Webinar
1h 2m

How to create a 2021 advertising roadmap

Wondering how best to create and allocate your advertising budget in 2021 after the year that was? In this webinar, Brandon Lupo, co-founder of digital agency Slicedbread will bring historical data from their clients to you, to help provide visibility into yearly trends and the effects of 2020 on advertising channels. We'll help you take those trends and establish monthly budgets to maximize performance.
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Thumbnail preview about How Pinterest can boost your traffic (and sales) in 2021
Recorded Webinar
1h 3m

How Pinterest can boost your traffic (and sales) in 2021

Looking to attract new customers and grow sales? With over 400 million monthly active users with high shopping intent, Pinterest is a sales channel worth considering. Join Pinterest Product Specialist Alisa Meredith who will cover what you need to get more traffic and sales. We’ll cover how to create Pins that stand out and how to get found in search using easy, affordable tools that make Pinterest marketing fun and effective.
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Enhance your marketing expertise

Your company is founded on a great idea for a product or service. On top of that, you’ve put together a skilled team, a business structure that keeps everything organized, and the basic elements of a sales program. But chances are, you aren't a marketing expert...yet. Even though there’s some buzz about your business, you could always use a bigger, more engaged, more loyal audience. With just a few high-quality strategies and tactics, you can make it happen. And you can learn marketing skills with an online marketing training class from Shopify.

Shopify makes it easy to learn how to build awareness and promote your brand across a range of marketing channels. Each marketing training tutorial is hosted by an expert who understands just how important marketing is to your bottom line. Tutorials are quick, concise, and delivered via streaming video, so you can start, pause, and continue your lesson at your convenience. You can learn skills like social media marketing, content marketing, A/B testing, and SEO, which are all critical to your business' success.

How can I learn marketing online for free?

The easiest and fastest way to learn marketing online for free is with marketing training from Shopify. Each video tutorial covers a specific learning objective, like organic content strategies, A/B testing, social media marketing, and so much more. Just find a topic that interests you and click play—you don’t have to sign up or register and you can start or pause your learning whenever you need to.

How do small businesses do online marketing?

The best way for small businesses to get started with online marketing is to build a profile of their ideal customer. The goal of this is to build a better understanding of what channels and what marketing methods will have the biggest impact. For example, if you notice that your target customers are heavy social media users, it may be a good idea to target them there. Or you might learn that content marketing is your best chance at reaching potential customers, so you should invest in SEO and increasing organic traffic.

If you need some help with any of these tactics, you should check out Shopify's online marketing training. You can learn everything from how to create a stunning logo to TikTok marketing strategies.

Is marketing easy to learn?

Digital marketing is a big, big world with varying levels of complexity. But thanks to the tutorial experts at Shopify, learning marketing is a lot easier than you might think. Not only is the information targeted to your needs as an entrepreneur, concisely laid out, and easy to follow, you can also start a tutorial whenever it's convenient for you. Just find a topic that meets your needs and click play—you can do it before work in the morning, during your lunch break, or after dinner, it’s entirely up to you.