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Thumbnail preview about Creativity for Business Success
Sarah Chrisp
1h 20m

Creativity for Business Success

There’s creativity “sleeping” inside you. Unleash it. Turn it into a business.

The most successful entrepreneurs don’t piggyback off the ideas of others. They pave their own path. They innovate instead of imitate. But there’s a problem: innovation is intimidating.

What if you’re stuck in a creative rut? How do you know if your ideas are any good? And how do you turn an abstract idea into a tangible plan? That’s what this creativity for business course is all about.

Your instructor is Sarah Chrisp, the founder of the popular ecommerce YouTube channel Wholesale Ted. There, she shares the tips, tricks, and strategies she’s learned from turning her teenage ecommerce side hustle into a six-figure automated business.

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Thumbnail preview about The Hidden Secrets of Copywriting
Ryan Carroll
1h 12m

The Hidden Secrets of Copywriting

Write copy that sells. Engage your audience and convert them to customers.

When you’re marketing your brand through content, your choice of words can be the difference between a lifelong customer and someone who scrolls right past you.

This copywriting course makes sure that you grab people’s attention – and keep it. From headlines to product descriptions to ad copy, you’ll uncover the secrets of growing your business through killer content.

Your instructor is Ryan Carroll, a serial entrepreneur from California who has been bootstrapping different online businesses since 2016. He’s now a digital nomad living abroad, focusing on new startups and shooting content for both YouTube and Instagram.

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Thumbnail preview about How To Launch An Online Subscription Business
PageFly Team
1h 13m

How To Launch An Online Subscription Business

By 2025, it's projected that the global ecommerce subscription market will be worth $246.6 billion. The age of ecommerce subscription is already here and it's a matter of now or never if you want to grab the opportunities and get your own piece of this growing market. So how can you do it? We got you covered in this course. Over the last 3 years, the PageFly team have powered over 80,000 online stores - and supported thousands of ecommerce subscription businesses.

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Thumbnail preview about How To Launch An Online T-Shirt Business With Print On Demand
Kerry Egeler

How To Launch An Online T-Shirt Business With Print On Demand

Did you know that more than two billion t-shirts are sold worldwide each year? The average American owns twenty seven t-shirts. That’s enough to circle the earth over forty times! On average, Americans buy one new clothing item almost every single week. These numbers are only growing exponentially each year. So how can you get your piece of this huge and growing market? In this course, you’ll learn the exact same strategies and principles Kerry has taught his students that will have you making t-shirt sales and collecting profits in record time!

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How to Find a Winning Product
Warrick Kernes

How to Find a Winning Product

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome as a new online seller is finding products to sell on your website. But not just any product will do, you need to find a WINNING product to increase your chances of success. After all, you could have the best looking website on the internet but if your product isn't one that's going to sell then you're setting yourself up for a tough journey.

In this free course you'll find out where you can look to find WINNING products and how to assess which products are more likely to be successful for you. Before committing your hard earned money to buying stock you'll learn how to predict the success of a product and then how to get in touch with suppliers and how to convince them to work with you. We wrap up with a look at hot and trending products to come.

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Thumbnail preview about Deliver a Customer Experience Worth Remembering
Teresa Harris

Deliver a Customer Experience Worth Remembering

Your online storefront creates the foundation for how your customers experience your brand and products. By building out a strong customer journey that accounts for a range of experiences from bad to good, you can take control of that foundation and build trust. In this course, you'll consider the customer journey as a whole, then zoom in on how you can use the information to set up your theme. This will allow you to create the best experience for your specific customers.

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Grow your Sales by Understanding Visitor Behavior
Lucky Orange Team

Grow your Sales by Understanding Visitor Behavior

Your Shopify store is getting traffic but you’re not seeing any sales. What’s happening?

Is there anything you can do about the 75% of e-commerce carts that get abandoned? What about the visitors who get frustrated and leave before even adding something to a cart? How do you know what ACTUALLY happened that prevented them from buying something?

In this course you’ll learn how to better understand visitor behavior on your store, which can ultimately help you grow your sales.

We’ll cover how to organize your store to highlight high-margin products, engage with customers to better understand their needs and recognize the behavior of high-value customers.

This course is for Shopify store owners looking to simplify website optimization, improve product listings and grow their business quickly and for the long-term.

Sign up today and to start optimizing.

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Thumbnail preview about Introduction to Packaging Your Products
Phillip Akhzar

Introduction to Packaging Your Products

Every physical product you buy needs packaging.

Whether you ship apparel, beauty, furnishings, food & beverage, telemedicine or cannabis, this course is for you.

Your packaging is your billboard, it works hard for you and is the first physical touchpoint for your customer. Plus 63% of consumers say packaging appearance compelled them to purchase the product again!

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Thumbnail preview about AIDA Framework: Advertising Philosophy 101
Taylor Holiday

AIDA Framework: Advertising Philosophy 101

Good ad creative sells products. So how do you create engaging Facebook ads that capture customer’s attention and converts to sales? In this course Taylor Holiday, CEO of Common Thread Collective and Co-Founder of ADmission will teach you the AIDA framework for ad creative that leads to ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Enroll now, and get started on creating or improving your ad creative.

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Thumbnail preview about SEO Training for Beginners
Casandra Campbell
1h 1m

SEO Training for Beginners

This course is designed for ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to learn the fundamentals fast. Whether you’re a complete beginner and barely know what SEO stands for, or you have a small business that’s generating consistent income with SEO, but want to earn more – you’re in the right place.

By the end of this course you will have a thorough understanding of SEO concepts. You’ll also have a repeatable 3-step framework that you can use to grow your business with SEO.

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Thumbnail preview about How to Design Your Online Store (with Zero Design Experience)
Stephan Peralta
1h 56m

How to Design Your Online Store (with Zero Design Experience)

Start designing your online store the right way. Stephan guides you through first principles of ecommerce design. Afterwards, you’ll craft your own brand identity, launch a Coming Soon page and design your Shopify store.

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Thumbnail preview about Product Photography for Ecommerce
Jeff Delacruz
1h 58m

Product Photography for Ecommerce

When it comes to ecommerce, photography plays a pivotal role in helping you sell your products and build your brand.

In this course you’ll learn from the Co-Founder and President of Products of White Photography, Jeff Delacruz. Jeff has been a photographer for over 15 years. He has worked with nearly 2,000 businesses and his company has taken over 50,000 photos for entrepreneurs around the globe.

This course is design to go at your own pace and on any device. Now go to the ‘Overview’ or choose a specific lesson you’d like to learn to begin!

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