Design your dream life

Design your dream life

1 hour 46 mins • 18 lessons

Your dream life is waiting. What’s stopping you?

We’ve all fantasized about living our best life. But it’s scary to take the leap. Here’s your chance to turn failure and fear into fuel for growth.

Unlock the guidance, tools, and resources you need to design your best life – then live it. Every. Single. Day.

Your instructor is Thomas Kuegler, who went from working at a local fast food chain to making five figures per month freelancing in the Philippines. Now he writes, vlogs, and shares his adventures in Southeast Asia, and teaches others how to achieve their own dream life.

  • How to use Instagram influencers, the Myers-Briggs test, and bookstores to get clear on the life you really want
  • How to turn dreams into reality by crystallizing your vision into actionable goals
  • How to track your progress on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis
  • How to build the habits that separate people who live their dream lives from everyone else

You'll also have access to downloadable worksheets, templates, and calendars as you brainstorm and strategize your perfect plan.

About the instructor

Tom Kuegler

Tom is a blogger currently living in the Philippines. He also vlogs part-time, showing others his adventures and escapades in Southeast Asia.