Dropshipping 101: Build your first online store

Dropshipping 101: Build your first online store

2 hours 9 mins • 29 lessons

With Dropshipping 101, you can start your first online business in just a few clicks. You read that right.

Unlock everything you need to open your first dropshipping store. Use Facebook Ads to get visitors and sales. Optimize until the formula is right. Then scale up your online empire.

The Dropshipping 101 course is made for entrepreneurs who want to run a business wherever and whenever they want. No experience? No problem.

  • How to find winning dropshipping products
  • How to choose trustworthy suppliers on AliExpress
  • How to build a Shopify store and ecommerce brand, step-by-step
  • How to set up your first Facebook ad to drive traffic to your store
  • How to pptimize your ads and store so you can scale and dominate

About the instructor

Jessica Guzik


Jessica is an ecommerce business owner and educator. She helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch brands that are built to last.