High Impact Pop-up Strategies

High Impact Pop-up Strategies

“Love them or hate them, pop-ups work.”

Marketers have tested pop-ups extensively, and when done right they can at LEAST 10x the opt-in rate of new subscribers. In this lesson you’ll focus on making thoughtful, high-impact pop-ups.

Watch and evaluate five different ways to make your pop-ups work for your business:

  1. Marketing copy. It should be short, spur action and on brand for you.
  2. Imagery. You want to attract attention by showcasing your product or service or by sharing a fun on-brand image that attracts attention.
  3. Aligned branding. You want your pop-up to have the same feel as your overall website design.
  4. The CTA. You want a call to action that is clear and concise
  5. An offer, also called the “lead magnet.” What value do you provide the visitor?

In the implementation phase you’ll see the process of setting up a pop-up.


Here are a few great examples of pop-ups you can create for your shop. Notice the examples essentially trade the visitor’s email for 15% off or for a promise of future discounts and promotions.

✅ Create the content you’ll need for your pop-up. In the Implementation lesson you’ll see how to set up your pop-up with a service called JustUno.*

  • Note that there are many different pop-up apps you can use. We share more recommendations in the Implementation module.