How to Choose an Email Service Provider

How to Choose an Email Service Provider

It’s time to choose your email service provider (ESP). An ESP is a company that gives you the ability to send emails to subscribers.

There are a lot of different email service providers out there. Ultimately, you’ll want one that you feel will work best for your business and your goals that can integrate easily with your website.

The paradox of choice could be a road block for deciding on your ESP.

Through a Google search, or looking in the Shopify App store, you can find a long list of outstanding ESP options to choose from. We strongly recommend you don’t drown in information that can lead to a analysis paralysis.

For this course, we’re recommending three options: Klayvio, Conversio and Omnisend. If you’re using a different ESP right now or choose a different service, you can still greatly benefit from the course.

✅ Research the different ESPs and decide which one will work best for your budget and business. Then head to the next lesson to learn how to send emails legally.