Influencer Marketing 101

“92% of consumers trust recommendations from other people, or ‘word of mouth’ marketing, over brand content."

Influencers are individuals who has the power to affect purchase decisions of their followers. Watch and discover three reasons why you should strongly consider working with influencers and four ways to work with an influencer.

Four ways to work with an influencer:

  1. Product for post. This means you give them some of your product in exchange for a promotional post. Ideally, they will review your product. 1. Give them a unique discount code to promote with a link in their profile
  2. Create a landing page to drive followers to a page to capture emails
  3. Promote an opt-in offer like an eBook or bootcamp or a mini-course. I’ll share more details about this method in the next lesson.

Steps to Finding the Right Influencers for Your Business:

  • To start, the most important factor when finding influencers to collaborate with, is audience affinity (how similar your audience is to your desired audience).
  • Create a list of hard metrics and soft metrics to get clear on audience affinity.
    • Hard metrics are quantitative metrics like how many followers do they have? What’s the average number of likes they receive on a post? What’s the average number of comments they receive on a post?
    • Soft metrics are more qualitative and may be a bit more difficult to quantify. This includes feed aesthetic, tone of voice, is their images cohesive? Do they look like they put in time, effort and care for their feed? Do they have an emotional connection with their audience?