How to Place a Test Order

It’s time to place a test order in your store. This will allow you to experience what it’s like to make a purchase on your store, and ensure you’re set up to sell successfully.

In order to place a test order, you must select a Shopify plan.

There are three ways to place a test order, you’ll learn more about in the video:

  • Use Shopify’s Bogus Gateway to simulate a transaction.
  • Use a real payment provider, and then immediately cancel and refund the order.
  • If you’re using Shopify Payments, you can place a test order using test mode.


  • Help Center | Placing a Test Order. To simulate a successful transaction if you’re using Shopify Payments, use the following information when you are asked for credit card details at checkout:
    • Name on card: Enter at least two words.
    • Expiry date: Enter any date in the future.
    • Security code: Enter any three digits.

Card number: Use any of the following numbers: