Do you want to outsource your photography, so you can focus on running your business?

You didn’t come to this course to learn how to become a professional photographer. You signed up for this course to learn the foundational knowledge to take product photos that can increase your sales.

If you are generating consistent sales, and find that product photography is taking up too much of your time, this is module designed to help you. This module is dedicated to help you find the least expensive and easiest ways to outsource the product photography process. If you’re not yet ready to outsource, head to Module 5 to learn how to increase your sales with effective photo placements.

In this module you will discover:

  • How to know when it’s time to hire a photographer, and if you should hire full-time, part-time or a hybrid model.
  • Where you can find credible, talented photographers for hire
  • How to think about 10xing your photography production as your business grows

Now go to lesson one to get started!