P2B Complaint Handling Annual Report

Transparency is a guiding principle at Shopify, and we are committed to promoting transparency for our merchants. This report is published in accordance with the Platform to Business Regulation 2019/1150 (“P2B Regulation”), which came into effect on July 12, 2020. The report shows the effectiveness of the internal complaints handling system for P2B complaints that Shopify implemented to comply with the P2B Regulation.

The P2B internal complaints handling system enables Shopify merchants to submit complaints via the P2B Form under the following categories:

  • Concerns about Shopify’s compliance with its obligations under the P2B Regulation
  • Technological issues directly related to Shopify’s provision of the P2B Services
  • Measures taken by Shopify in respect of its provision of the P2B Services which have affected the complainant’s business

This report includes information about the total number of complaints received via the P2B Form, the complaint types, average time period needed to process the complaints, as well as aggregated information regarding the outcome of the complaints.

Complaint Handling Annual Report Jan – Dec 2021
Total number of complaints 151
Total number of complaints resolved 5
Total technical complaints 4
Total technical complaints 3
Total complaints about measures taken by Shopify 8
Average time to process complaints 22.5 days2

  1. The number of complaints accounted for in this report are the complaints submitted via Shopify’s P2B Complaint Form only. While Shopify also accepts formal P2B complaints sent by mail or email, we did not receive any official complaints in any other format in 2021. 

  2. The average processing time during the reporting period was impacted by the fact that some of the P2B complaints were concurrently addressed through our other support and/or escalation processes and systems. In a number of cases, complaints were resolved through these other channels before the P2B Form ticket was marked as closed.