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Accelerate growth and unlock new opportunities with the only lending solution that has a 360° understanding of your business.

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$5.1B+ in financing

to businesses on Shopify

Up to $5M offers

if eligible,1 with options to renew

0% equity

no stake taken—period

Available in select countries. Offers to apply do not guarantee financing. All financing through Shopify Lending, including Shopify Capital and Line of Credit products, is issued by WebBank in the United States.

Shopify Capital for small business

Founder-friendly capital

Put your money to work, fast. Stock up on inventory, invest in paid marketing, hire experts, launch a new product—anything for your business.

A diverse team of four business people holding a casual meeting in a shared space at the office.

If approved, receive funds in as quick as two days

Automated payments as a percent of daily sales2

Top-up early with options to renew

Apply 100% online, no hard credit checks

Lending for large retailers

Financing solutions to scale

Business financing made for commerce

Leveraging machine learning to analyze data about your business, Shopify is the only lending solution that will reach out the moment you’re eligible for financing.

The benefits of Shopify Lending, orbiting around the Shopify graphic logo; benefits include flexible lending solutions, exclusive offers, tailored loan amounts, full integration with your business, transparent terms, automated payments, and no surprise fees or equity—ever

A portfolio of lending products, fully integrated with your business

From scaling entrepreneurs to global brands, get access to working capital that understands your business.


Line of Credit

Stay focused on growth with a revolving credit line. Draw funds at any time, only pay interest on what you use, and replenish as you go.


Capital Loans and Cash Advances

Simplify business lending with flexible, predictable financing. Automatically repay from a percentage of your daily sales.2

Our $1M in marketing spend generated over $11M in sales today. Plus, we have a 60% repeat purchase rate with all customers.

Shopify Capital provided the cashflow to create top-selling products and build inventory. It's an invaluable resource.

  • ChocZero
  • Rhea Monique — Chief Growth Officer

Shopify Capital seamlessly integrates into our dashboard, it's like they read our minds—fast, simple, and no fuss!

  • Harvey Industries
  • Rayson Esquejo — Executive Vice President

Find the lending solution that’s right for your business

Business lending, simplified


Take advantage of the only lending solution fully integrated with your business. Choose financing that fits your needs.


Select or customize loan amounts and submit required financial documents. Online, minimal paperwork, and hassle-free.


If approved, use financing to optimize your cash flow, plan for growth, inventory, marketing, retail expansion, and more.

Shopify lending

Make your business’s next bold move—today

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Explore Shopify Lending and choose a financing solution right for your business.

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Get a full understanding of your business cash flow in five minutes or less.


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Frequently asked questions

Shopify Lending is a portfolio of financing products made for commerce, including: Shopify Capital (Loans and Cash Advances) and Line of Credit.
Shopify Lending products are currently available to merchants in select countries.
  • Shopify Capital (Loans and Cash Advances): United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia
  • Line of Credit: United States only

Eligibility is automatically determined by our underwriting model, which uses machine learning to analyze data relating to your business, including your sales, disputes, and customer engagement. You must also meet minimum requirements, such as:
The Shopify Lending team will send you an email if you’re eligible to apply for financing. If you have an open offer, when you log in to your Shopify admin a message will appear on Home inviting you to view all available financing solutions. Offers to apply do not guarantee financing.
Anything you want for your business (we mean it). No limits. No restrictions.
Underwriting has two stages. In the first stage, Shopify Lending’s underwriting model identifies your business as potentially eligible to prequalify to apply for financing. During the second stage, the Shopify Lending team will review your business’s application to see if you qualify for the amount of financing requested.
If approved, funds can be deposited into your account in as quick as two days and ready to use. No checks.
Repayment for Shopify Lending solutions depends on the financing product.
  • Shopify Capital (Loans and Cash Advances): Payments are automatic and flex to fit your business. Payments are a set percent of your daily sales.2 On days you sell more, you pay back more. On days you sell less, pay back less.
  • Line of Credit: Only pay interest on what you use. Payments towards your outstanding balance are automatic and are due monthly for a period of 6 months from your last withdrawal. You can also make an early payment towards your balance whenever you like, with no prepayment penalties.

Available in select countries. Offers to apply do not guarantee financing. All financing through Shopify Lending, including Shopify Capital and Line of Credit products, is issued by WebBank in the United States. Financing through Shopify Capital is either in the form of a merchant cash advance (MCA) or loan depending on location. In the United Kingdom, MCAs are issued by YouLend.

  • 1Amounts presented are in USD. Offers for eligible merchants are made in their local currency.
  • 2Shopify Capital loans must be paid in full within 18 months, and two minimum payments apply within the first two 6 month periods.
  • 3Actual term may vary slightly depending on the timing of each withdrawal. Term and payment schedule reset with each additional withdrawal.
  • 4A minimum amount may apply to receive a dedicated funding advisor.