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Supercharge your logistics from port to porch with the power of intelligent software combined with a physical network.

Why thousands of brands trust Shopify for logistics

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99% of orders
shipped within one business day
98% of orders
delivered on time
25% sales increase
powered by Shop Promise

Sell more with faster delivery

Offer lightning-fast, reliable delivery to your customers across marketplaces, social, and sales channels. Your inventory is always perfectly placed for fast, affordable delivery.

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Inbound once and we do the rest

Our intelligent placement software continuously moves your inventory closest to your customers, based on demand, to ensure fast delivery.

Sell to every buyer, everywhere

Offer fast, affordable delivery to your customers across multiple channels and marketplaces, including Shopify. Meet your customers where they are.

Boost sales with Shop Promise

Build trust and drive sales by up to 25% with the Shop Promise badge, which automatically displays reliable delivery dates on your storefront and checkout.

Count on your ocean freight

Ensure timely delivery of your products to our fulfillment centers with Flexport's guaranteed container space and fixed sailing schedules.

Mix and match logistics services

Choose from services like freight, fulfillment, storage, prep, and returns. Pay for what you use and change your usage as your business evolves.

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Customize your logistics

Create the exact logistics solution you need using open APIs and review our help docs to assist you through the development process.

Transport and inbound inventory

Move a single pallet or an entire container of your products from overseas to our network of fulfillment centers, using our national transportation services.

Build trust with simple returns

Streamline returns with three-day processing, product repackaging, and photos for damaged items. Offer exchanges and credits through our Loop Returns integration.

Manage everything in one place

Extend your Shopify storefront and let us manage your end-to-end logistics to make operations easy.

Control and sell from one place

Integrate with your Shopify store and connect marketing tools, social, and sales channels all in one platform.

Grow with one logistics partner

Reduce the hassle of having to coordinate with multiple vendors. Choose one partner for all your logistics needs.

Save time and money

Focus on running your business while Shopify streamlines your order fulfillment, returns, and product storage at affordable costs.

Use the power of our ecosystem

Access state-of-the-art warehouses at no upfront cost and avoid sinking money into infrastructure and overspending on inventory.

The word logistics overlaid on a graphic showing a computer chip which represents our state-of-the-art network.

Benefit from the network effect

Join our ecosystem which continues to expand with new partners and reduce costs with increased order volume from new merchants. The bigger the network gets, the better it gets.

Level the playing field

We've created a cost-effective, powerful logistics network that any business can access. We want to make logistics better for everyone, not just for those who can afford it.

Avoid costly transportation delays

Get your inventory prioritized and reduce risk, cost, and congestion through our partnerships with Flexport, UPS, DHL, and Doordash.

Unlock your growth

Use our network of unlimited storage and delivery providers, which automatically places your products in high-demand areas, for quick, affordable fulfillment.

Be ready for your moment

Easily meet customer demand and sales spikes. Rapidly ramp up or down, shift business between DTC and B2B markets across the country.

Boxes flying through the air, traveling to customers across America, with graphics saying Rose in Miami, Sam in Boise, and Annie in Dallas.

Replenish just in time

Avoid running out of stock and costly inventory storage fees with our automated inventory replenishment advice.

Stay flexible and efficient

Effortlessly absorb the impact of flash sales, peak periods, and viral marketing events with a fulfillment network that grows with you.

Be B2B ready

We'll replenish your inventory at wholesale warehouse locations at the right time based on your data, and optimize storage and distribution for both D2C and B2B customers.

When we got onboarded with SFN, we had like 1,000 preorders backlogged. SFN pushed out the orders in literally a day and a half.


Blake Van Putten— Founder

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