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Hismile boosts global online sales by 500% on Shopify

Hismile is an Australian-based seller of teeth whitening and oral hygiene products that brings fun, flavor, color, and excitement to what would be an otherwise uninspired oral care industry.

The hype around Hismile’s products has a tendency to cause site traffic to surge whenever a new product drops. But the brand’s previous WooCommerce site struggled to handle the influx and would crash frequently. What’s more, Hismile wanted to scale their business without having to maintain growing server infrastructure in-house—something that would usually require extensive technical expertise—or increasing their headcount.

Hismile adopted Shopify to help ensure site stability during periods of high traffic and accelerate their expansion into global markets—all without needing to inflate their developer team.

Since moving to Shopify, Hismile has seen:

  • $300 million annual revenue in 2023
  • 500% year-over-year increase in online sales globally
  • 4x increase in average cart size with product bundles

The challenge: Ambitious plans and an agile approach

With legions of fans across the globe, Hismile’s online store experiences intense volumes of web traffic when new products are launched and when they are featured by social media influencers. However, Hismile’s previous online store, powered by WooCommerce, was prone to crashing under visitor pressure, resulting in lost sales and reduced effectiveness of their marketing and promotion initiatives.

Hismile needed a platform that would help them expand globally with limited internal resources. They also needed to be sure that their site would maintain high standards of performance and adaptability to suit the needs of individual markets overseas.

Given that Hismile prioritizes working with a small and nimble team to remain agile, the brand recognized that they needed to solve their ecommerce limitations and achieve their growth goals with their existing technical headcount.

The solution: A single platform for global sales

Hismile initially chose Shopify to ensure the speed and reliability of their online store during periods of peak web traffic. Since then, the brand has expanded their use of Shopify, tapping into its expansion stores feature to launch online stores in international markets.

Hismile switched to Shopify because we were battling outage and scale issues. Now our checkout processes a thousand orders in minutes with no worries.


Nikola Mirkovic — Cofounder

Using expansion stores, Hismile localized their online shopping experience to suit the buyer behaviors and currencies of multiple international markets—accomplished with only four in-house developers. Hismile’s lean team can spend less time managing back-end infrastructure and more time building customizations that enhance their customers' shopping experience and drive revenue.

We used Shopify expansion stores to create a localized site for each international market, without increasing our existing headcount. The simplicity of scaling with Shopify means that we have more time to focus on the customer experience and maximizing conversions in each region.


Justin Gaggino — General Manager

For instance, Hismile has reinvested their time savings into curating relevant product bundles with the bundles API. Today, over 80% of their orders are bundled products. This strategy has improved cross- and upselling, and it has increased basket sizes for the business. In the long term, they expect to see better customer loyalty and retention, as shoppers who buy more products are more likely to return.

Hismile also transitioned to Shopify’s one-page checkout, adding novel customizations—such as a countdown timer—to entice their customers to buy. The stability of the new checkout has allowed Hismile to deploy new features and products to the website in less time. Plus, they enjoy the freedom of customizing their checkout without being held back by technical restraints.

Shopify has everything you need right out of the box, if you want to simply drag and drop to build things. But the flexibility of Shopify means that you can also build whatever your heart desires. If we want to build a new feature or a new idea, we know that there's going to be a way to do it.


Brodie Capel — Digital Manager

The result: Dazzling benefits at home and abroad

With Shopify, Hismile is now able to sell thousands of products online every minute without fear that their online store will go down. This has given the brand more confidence when they launch new products online that customers will be able to get their hands on the latest offerings without any website glitches, poor consumer experiences, or lost sales.

Plus, the quick and easy implementation of Shopify expansion stores has helped Hismile enter new markets seamlessly, achieving rapid growth in the process. Online sales have increased by 500% year over year, with their US store seeing a 374% increase in sales in the last 12 months.

Hismile needs to be lean, efficient, and nimble—Shopify allows us to do that and punch above our weight. Not having to worry about the reliability of our online store means we can spend more time on what we're good at and driving the business forward.


Nikola Mirkovic — Cofounder


Health, Beauty, and Cosmetics

Previous platform



Expansion stores, Checkout/Checkout Extensibility, Shopify Plus

Use case

Apps and Integrations, Customization, Growth and Scale, International Expansion, Operational Efficiency

With Shopify, Hismile saw results fast.


annual revenue in 2023


year-over-year increase in online sales globally


increase in average cart size with product bundles

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