Write Your Own Data Story with ShopifyQL Notebooks

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We know that data is the centerpiece of business decision making. Whether looking at the most purchased products from previous sale periods or forecasting inventory for the upcoming year, merchants look at their data to make countless decisions, every single day. 

However, access to data is broken and fragmented making it hard to understand, organize, and analyze. For large merchants this means relying on a data analyst or a data scientist to bring together data from multiple sources, in order to organize and visualize data in a format that enables meaningful analysis.

Introducing ShopifyQL Notebooks

ShopifyQL Notebooks is a new way for merchants to explore, visualize, and analyze shop data to inform business decisions. It enables you to craft your own data story using a query language that understands commerce. ShopifyQL Notebooks comes with built-in commerce context, so generating insights from data is simpler and faster.

Notebooks allow you to combine data from multiple business domains so you have a holistic view of your business. Looking to understand how your latest marketing campaigns helped drive product views and conversion? Quickly write a ShopifyQL query to get all answers. ShopifyQL Notebooks makes it equally simple to perform more in-depth and granular analysis within a certain domain.

ShopifyQL: The language of commerce

ShopifyQL is the query language that powers all your data exploration and analysis within the Notebooks experience. It’s built with commerce-centric data analysis in mind, so you don’t have to rely on a data scientist to get insights about your business. ShopifyQL is a powerful way to explore your data—going deep within a specific domain and combining data from multiple business domains such as sales, marketing, fulfillment, finance, merchandising, and others. 

Ever thought being able to write code would make you a superhuman but it was too hard to learn? Not any more. ShopifyQL brings the power of query writing to everyone. Coders or non-coders, you’re all going to have a blast!

While ShopifyQL enables powerful data exploration, it needs a strong partner to visualize and present data in an interface that is flexible, guided and easy-to-use. Enter Notebooks.

Notebooks: An interactive query-writing experience

Notebooks consist of code and text blocks that offer the right space for data exploration and analysis using ShopifyQL. It’s packed with features to make data exploration fast, simple, and rewarding. 

Ready-to-use Templates

To help you get started quickly, Notebooks comes preloaded with templates that are based on the most popular reports in the admin. You can add these directly to your Notebook or customize them if you’re looking for a specific time range.

Assistive Query Writing

As you start writing your queries, Notebooks will suggest auto-complete options for your query. This means you can finish your queries faster and never get out of sync with the syntax.

Customizable Text Blocks

We understand generating meaningful and actionable insights requires adding business context to your data. That’s why Notebooks come with text blocks so you can add context, the way you like. Text blocks are customizable so you can style content, and even include images. 

ShopifyQL and Notebooks together make data exploration a simple, fun and powerful experience. This is just the beginning. The possibilities with Notebooks are limitless. We’re gaining momentum towards a world where merchants will be able to perform more complex and sophisticated data analysis, all within the Shopify admin. 

ShopifyQL Notebooks is currently available for early access to a handful of shops who are helping us improve the experience even further. It will be available more widely in the coming months. 

About the author

Smriti Chopra

Smriti leads product marketing for the analytics suite at Shopify. She's passionate about helping merchants make better business decisions with data.