What’s New at Shopify: June 22, 2018

whats new june 2018 2

With lots happening throughout the month of June, we decided to release a second edition of What’s New to keep our partner ecosystem in the know. From marketing tools to improved data tracking, these recent updates will improve the way merchants—and you— run online stores.

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1. Shopify Ping



We’re excited to announce that Shopify Ping is here! Shopify Ping is a merchant-facing mobile app that became available for iOS in Apple’s App Store on June 21st. It’s designed to be the central inbox for conversations that merchants are having with their customers, no matter where those conversations are happening. Shopify Ping currently integrates with Facebook Messenger and ChatKit, with more messaging partners coming later this year.

    To learn more about Shopify Ping, check out the full blog announcement.

    2. Online store conversion and product conversion analytics

    Introducing new analytics for merchants, to help them better understand their buyers’ behaviors.

    whats new june 2018 2: analytics

    Now available: Online store conversion analytics

    Merchants now have access to new online store conversion analytics. These analytics include data on sessions, items added to cart, conversions, and more. Using this report, merchants can gain a better understanding of how users engage with their online store, and make better informed business decisions.

    As a partner who helps merchants run their stores, this report can also give you a better understanding of your client’s online store performance and visitor behavior. You can use it to help clients determine what works and what doesn’t, and what store activities should be amplified or stopped.

    Coming soon: Product conversion analytics

    Product conversion analytics will also be launching in the near future. This report will give merchants a better understanding of how users engage with their product offering, and will help them make data-driven product decisions.

    Product conversion analytics will be especially useful in determining the right product mix, knowing where to market products, and seeing how customers engage with products.

    3. Third party domain transfers

    whats new june 2018 2: domain transfer

    Merchants are now able to transfer domain names hosted by third parties (e.g. GoDaddy) into Shopify, via OpenSRS. Over 80 percent of domains are able to be transferred in, including but not limited to .com, .net, .biz, and .org.

    During the process of transferring a third party domain, merchants will be contacted by email to initiate the transfer, set up billing, and authenticate the user.

    As a partner who helps set up and run online stores, this is a great feature to highlight to potential clients looking to move their online store to the Shopify platform.

    For more information on transferring third party domains to Shopify, check out the documentation in our Help Center.

    4. Signing into collaborator accounts

    Partners with collaborator accounts must now log in to their clients’ stores through their partner dashboard. For security reasons and because of upcoming changes to the merchant login experience, we will be removing the ability to log in to a collaborator account directly through the store domain.

    If you have questions, please contact partner support through the form on your Partner Dashboard.

    That’s a wrap

    This concludes our partner updates for the month of June. We hope you continue to feel inspired as you grow your business in our partner ecosystem.

    What update are you most excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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