Mastering Multichannel Promotions: Introducing Smarter Discount Codes for Shopify POS

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Promotions are deeply ingrained into many retailers’ sales strategy. They’re typically a win-win for retailers and customers alike. You can move merchandise cluttering up your store shelves or clear out inventory on the last day of a sales event, and your customers score a deal on products they love.

As a retailer, you know firsthand the positive impact a promotion can have on your business — after all, studies clearly show that deals boost your bottom line. But offering up discounts and deals ad-hoc can leave your business in the red. Creating a promotion strategy in advance and tying deals to specific goals is an ideal way to increase your sales.

And because Shopify is dedicated to setting retailers up for success, whether you’re selling online or in-person, we’re introducing a new feature to help you address this problem. Discount Codes for Shopify POS helps you create a multichannel promotions strategy (and specific discounts) in advance so that you can spend more time connecting with your customers.

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How Discount Codes for Shopify POS Works

Buyers expect a seamless shopping experience whether they’re surfing your store online or browsing in-store. And now, with Shopify's retail POS system, you can apply the same discount codes your customers have available online at checkout in-store. Create smarter discount codes entirely through your mobile device or your Shopify admin to let your buyers purchase products whenever and wherever they want. Discount Codes for Shopify POS makes it simple to set up promotions with specific goals linked to marketing, moving inventory, or driving sales during peak selling periods.

Setting Up a Discount Code


Create, track, and analyze which discounts work best for your retail business — all from your Shopify dashboard. You can now build goal-based promotions for your retail store with customized parameters right from your Shopify admin on your desktop or from your mobile Shopify app. Some of the types of promotions you can create and customize include:

  • Unlimited time and usage-based discounts: Establish and track ongoing deals for specific groups (think frequent employee, senior, or military discounts).
  • Limited-time discounts: Create a sense of urgency that compels more customers to buy your products with a limited-time promotion.
  • Limited quantity discounts: Whether you’re prepping a door crasher sale or another deal to move merchandise, you can set up the perfect promotion for products with limited inventory.

Once you’ve got any of these types of discounts up and running, you can access reports on the promotions you’re using under the Analytics > Dashboard option in your Shopify store.

Create Discounts Anywhere You Sell

Discount Codes for Shopify POS | Shopify Retail blog

Starting today, you can create custom discounts no matter where you are, either from a desktop or from your mobile device. Whether you’re on the go at your retail location or chatting up customers on the sales floor of your pop-up store, you can now create discount codes right on your smartphone or tablet.

5 Promotion Ideas You Can Create With Discount Codes for Shopify POS

Using trackable deals with Discount Codes for Shopify POS can help you push your sales to the next level. And to help retailers get started with their own discount strategy, we’ve rounded up a handful of promotion ideas you can leverage when selling in-store or at events.

Multi-Channel Promotions

Already have some killer discount codes in your online store? Now you can use those deals and promotions in-store as well.

How does it work? With these types of promotions, it’s simpler for merchants to track online-to-offline conversion rates. You can create a unique, one-time code and email it to customers to use when they visit in-person at your store, pop-up shop, or at a sales event. So, if you create an online promotion to drive customers to shop in-store, you can use that custom discount code to monitor foot traffic.

Consider this: Dozens of shoppers may visit your booth at an event, but only a certain percentage will buy something on the spot. For those who don’t, inform them about a discount code that they can apply to online purchases (like 20% off their first purchase) after the event is over. These kinds of promotions can help convert in-person traffic into online buyers.

Ongoing Trackable Discounts

Not all your discounts need a time limit — create ongoing discounts you can easily track.

Whether it’s 10% off for seniors, students, or military members, you can create and apply such promotions regularly and learn a little more about your customer base in the process.

VIP/Customer Loyalty Discounts

Reward your best customers with a little something extra. With Discount Codes for Shopify POS, it’s easy to create discount codes for specific customer groups (like VIPs and repeat customers).

As a retailer, you may want to introduce a VIP/loyalty program. Your staff can recognize loyal customers and enroll them in the program, so every time that customer visits, they can apply the VIP code. Just add a customer in Shopify to a saved search under Admin > Customers.

Minimum Purchase Discounts

Set up a promotion that encourages customers to spend more when they shop. How? Create a minimum in-person purchase discount.

For example, customers that purchase $50+ are eligible for 5% off their entire purchase (MIN50 discount code). And when your sales staff informs the customer that they’re close to that $50 minimum, make sure you place high-margin items or accessories near the checkout counter. Not only will your customer receive their discount, but you’ll be increasing your average cart value.

Event Attendee Discounts

For those who sell at trade shows, markets, and fairs, you can create a special discount just for your fellow event attendees.

For example, you could create a custom deal for a specific number of store visitors. So, the first 50 customers to cross your threshold in a weekend get 10% off a hoodie (FIRST50 discount code). Door crasher sales are a great way to promote a sense of urgency and reward your most engaged customers.

Making Commerce Better With Smarter Discount Codes for Shopify POS

Whether it’s your first sale at a pop-up shop or your 1,000th sale in your brick-and-mortar store, you need to be able to set up smart discounts that drive your business forward. And establishing an informed promotion strategy is easier than ever with Discount Codes for Shopify POS.

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