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Connect with your fans and drive sales by giving token holders exclusive access to your merch, experiences, and more.

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Doodles gm shop on mobile, powered by Shopify.

Connect wallet, unlock next‑level shopping experiences

Recognize and reward your fandom

Incentivize communities and keep them hungry for your brand. Give token holders early access to drops or exclusive access to limited edition merch, experiences, and more when they connect a wallet to your store.

Unite communities and collab on big drops

Drop products dedicated to communities that rally behind your brand. Invite and engage new audiences when you collaborate with other creators on a viral moment.

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Gate your online store with leading partner apps

Curate collections specially for token holders. Buyers must connect their crypto wallet and verify tokens to shop gated merch, events, and more.

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Build a tokengated shop for mobile

Reach buyers where they are. Create your gm (gated merch) shop natively on the Shop app.

Sell gated merch in-store with POS

Add tokengating to in-store shopping and pop-up spaces, connecting your URL with IRL experiences.

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Tokengated commerce on Shopify, gm shop for mobile.
The Hundreds x Ledger collab.

Collab like never before

Partner with other brands on a big release or special drop. Gate to their fans, or let them gate to yours. Challenge what it means to be exclusive, and surprise token holders with new places to fit in and stand out.

Invisible Friends merch.

Create branded merch for token holders and beyond

From ideation to fulfillment, team up with Shopify merchandising partners and develop premium products that you and your fans will love.

Space Doodles mascot. Space Doodles mascot.
“As an ambitious community-driven project, we've placed a strong emphasis on setting the standard for unique NFT collector experiences. By partnering with Shopify on tokengated merch, we surprised our holders and gave the ownership of a Doodle a whole new meaning.”

Evan Keast, Doodles Cofounder

Doodles mascot with rainbow puke.
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Adam Bomb Squad logo
World of Women logo
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Doodles logo
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Anheuser-Busch Budverse Heritage Edition NFTs.

Mint and sell your brand’s NFTs

Mint custom NFTs on popular blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Flow. Then, list and sell them right from your store. From flash sales to the hottest drops, Shopify delivers the best converting checkout on the web—trusted by 100M shoppers worldwide.

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  • Tokengated commerce bridges NFT communities with your brand, on and offline. When token holders connect their wallets to your online store, they get special access to innovative commerce experiences—from exclusive collections and behind the scenes events to one-of-a-kind perks and more. Learn more

  • Add a tokengating app to your online store and decide which products, collections, experiences, and more will be made available exclusively for token holders.

  • Currently, gm (gated merch) shop is in beta. The beta is open by invitation only to select merchants with an NFT collection. Sign up for early access

  • Shopify takes the complexities out of crypto. Mint NFTs on popular blockchains using our partner apps. Then, list and sell your way—you and your buyers don’t need any crypto. You can accept payment using Shopify Payments, Shop Pay, crypto payment gateways, credit/debit cards, and more. Plus, buyers can easily claim their NFTs via email and add them directly to their wallets. Learn more

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