150+ updates to unify commerce: highlights from the Summer ’24 Edition

June 24, 2024

True craftsmanship lies in creating a seamless, unified experience. It’s not just about building new products and features; it’s just as important that they work together harmoniously.

Our Summer ’24 Edition is a testament to this belief, featuring 150+ updates designed to create a faster, more resilient, and more integrated platform for our merchants.

Some highlights:

Expand into new markets

Markets, formerly a cross-border selling solution, has evolved to become a one-stop shop for growth and expansion.

With our reimagined Markets as a central command center, you can customize buyer experiences for:

  • Selling internationally
  • Expanding into B2B
  • Selling in person with Shopify POS

Rather than spreading these functions across our platform as we did before, Markets consolidates everything into one location in your admin. No more navigating multiple stores or different workflows. The process stays consistent: simply create a new market, make your customizations, and you’re ready to launch.

AI built for commerce

Time is the most valuable asset for any entrepreneur. That’s why we’ve embedded AI across Shopify to save you precious hours and keep your business on the cutting edge.

Media Editor

Since rolling out AI image generation in our Media Editor tool six months ago, merchants have saved over 1 million AI-generated images to their storefronts. Now, we’re:

  • Extending AI image editing to everywhere in your admin where you use images, like the Online Store Editor and Email Editor
  • Expanding it to the Shopify mobile app so you can make professional image edits on the go

AI-powered product creation

There’s an easier, faster way to add new products to your store: Magic now instantly suggests personalized and intelligent recommendations for all product categories. It will assign the right attributes to new products—like color, size, and style—minimizing listing errors so customers can easily find them on your online store, on social, and on marketplaces.

Suggested replies

Providing online shoppers with real-time answers to their questions can take up precious time that entrepreneurs are short on. For stores using Shopify Inbox, we’ll quickly suggest an AI-generated response to an incoming customer chat based on information specific to your store. Approve (or edit) the response, hit send while you have their attention, and keep on selling.


Our AI-enabled commerce assistant is in early access. Sidekick offers all the context and guidance you need to make good decisions, resolve tasks, and make the most of all the features in Shopify. Because it understands your specific products, orders, and customers, it can also help generate customer segments and guide you to insights in analytics.

Interested merchants can sign up.

Simplify selling in person

Selling in person should be as easy as selling online. New features for POS allow:

  • Merchants to offer one-tap digital receipts (if an in-store customer is a Shop Pay user, their email shows at checkout, where they can receive digital receipts and opt into marketing)
  • Automatic detection of whether a product can be returned, and give staff context on why

These updates mean smoother transactions and happier customers.

Unified analytics, rebuilt from the ground up

Fragmented or outdated data impacts timely decision-making. We’ve rebuilt our analytics to work smarter, faster, and more intuitively for you. The upshot: new ways to see, explore, and curate your data in real time.

Shelby Adams, operations manager at rainwear maker Cleverhood, said the ability to find correlations between locations and monthly sales patterns helps them decide where to focus their sales efforts depending on the time of year. "It is immensely helpful for us to get snapshots of our markets’ weather patterns without having to find weather pattern data elsewhere," Shelby said.

Our Summer ’24 Edition reflects our unwavering belief that not all unified software is great, but all great software is unified. This simplicity is what allows you to expand into new markets without increasing the costs and complexity of the software that runs your business. Scale revenue, not expenses.

Explore our Summer ’24 Edition and experience the difference for yourself. Together, we’re not just building products; we’re crafting the future of commerce.

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