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Doe Beauty saves $30K per month with Shopify Flow and automation tool

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In less than five years, California-based brand doe Beauty has grown from a $500 start-up to a multi-million-dollar business. From the very beginning, the beauty brand relied on Shopify. With its rapid growth came the need for an enterprise-sized solution, which is why it didn’t bat an eyelid when it came time to make the switch to Shopify Plus.

Today, 80% of the brand's tasks are automated. Thanks to Shopify Flow and integrated automation tools, this six-person team has more time to focus on creative and strategic areas of the business. Promotions are run using third-party apps, which make the customer-buying experience smoother than before. Improved access to data and analytics means that inventory can be placed closer to customers resulting in faster deliveries, while demand forecasting is made easy with automated alerts. And through the use of Shopify Scripts, doe Beauty has also been able to save thousands of dollars a month by limiting discounts used on bundles. That’s what we’d call a thing of beauty.

Since switching to Shopify Plus, we’ve seen our operations run smoother. We love working with our Shopify Plus merchant success manager, who helps us understand what's going on in the industry and to troubleshoot anything. It's good to know that we have the support of a strong ecommerce platform so our business is always able to operate.

Doe Beauty

Jason Wong — Founder


Health, Beauty, and Cosmetics

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Shopify Flow, Shopify Scripts

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Growth and Scale, Automation, Upgrades

With Shopify, Doe Beauty saw results fast.


in savings per month by using Shopify Scripts


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