Shopify Sustainability Fund

A global launchpad for climate entrepreneurs building tomorrow's groundbreaking technologies.

A series of shots showing individuals and companies working on solutions to remove carbon from the atmosphere. Featured solutions include sinking sea kelp, capturing carbon on the back of semi trucks, and using minerals to capture carbon from the air.

Supporting entrepreneurs whose business is our planet

Commerce can only thrive in the long term if our planet thrives too.

That's why the Shopify Sustainability Fund backs the development of technologies that remove carbon from the atmosphere.

The return on our investment? Accelerated carbon removal and a thriving planet.

The Sustainability Fund is designed to:

Generate demand for carbon removal

Enable new companies to prove their impact and scale

Spend millions per year to drive down future prices

Where the funding goes

Shopify has partnered with more than 20 innovative companies that we believe can help reverse climate change.

Reduce, remove, reverse

There’s no easy fix for climate change, and no solution that will singlehandedly solve the problem. We have to try every possible option, from those that leverage natural processes to new technologies that lock carbon away forever.

We need existing solutions that can make a difference now, and emerging technologies that could have a huge impact in the future.

Shopify’s Sustainability Fund pays the early-adopter premium for carbon removal, funding pilot projects and generating demand to kickstart the market and drive down future prices.

Small floating sheets of ice to represent the importance of sustainability in commerce

Our Sustainability Fund partners

Various rock formations at sea to emphasize the need for sustainable efforts
Arid and green terrains
Lake views against a mountaineous backdrop

Working on something that has the potential to reverse climate change?

We are not accepting applications at this time. Get an idea of how we evaluate and select new companies to join the Shopify Sustainability Fund.

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A climate commitment years in the making

Here's how we got here, and where we're going.