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Becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t require money, luck, or a background in business. All it takes is ambition. The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now.

“Figure out what you like doing then find out how you can make money doing it, then just let your passion drive your business.”

Moziah Bridges

CEO of Mo’s Bows Shopify store


Parents who have talked to their kids about entrepreneurship and money management.


Average allowance parents give their children per year.


Kids who are interested or have started their own business.

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Moziah started his handcrafted bowtie company when he was only 9

Since then, the dapper kidpreneur has made a deal on Shark Tank, and continues to run a successful ecommerce store on Shopify — with the help of his mom, of course. She’s an employee of the business, as is his grandmother.

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Lucja started selling charms to her friends at school, but it evolved into a family-run jewelry business

“Knowing how to start and run a business is very empowering and gives kids the tools to be successful, responsible, and engaged adults. Almost any kid business can be successful with passion, a great attitude, organization, and discipline.”

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Sydney founded Poketti with skills she learned in her 7th grade entrepreneurship class

Along with her sister Toni, Sydney honed business skills before her freshman year in high school, and continues to sell her invention – animal pillows with pockets for holding cell phones or tooth fairy treasures – in her Shopify store. Sydney and Toni say the key to making the most of the many opportunities given to them is to be prepared, optimistic, and confident.

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Maya is the CEO of Maya’s Ideas, a business she started when she was 8 years old

She ships her own eco-friendly designs worldwide, and even caught the eye of Entrepreneur magazine. Maya’s Ideas was born out of the founder’s passion for technology and the environment.

“Learn business and life skills while doing what you already do in your spare time. Earning extra money for tuition is gravy.”

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