Why Brick and Mortar Merchants Choose Shopify POS

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Shopify’s point of sale is built to help merchants future-proof and grow their businesses. 

Below, you’ll find a list of top features and benefits that Shopify’s point of sale offers. We provide context on how these features will help your clients streamline operations, generate more revenue, and build brand loyalty with customers.

With Shopify POS and your support as a Shopify Partner, brick and mortar merchants will be better equipped to grow no matter when, where, or how their customers want to shop. 

Businesses using Shopify to unify their in-store and online sales see a 30 percent year-over-year increase in revenue.

Streamline operations and reporting with a single backend

Merchants live busy lives; they’re focused on developing their products and growing their businesses. The value of getting time back cannot be overstated. Cumbersome patchwork systems bleed time from merchants, which is why we so often hear that Shopify’s single backend is a major differentiator when evaluating and comparing point of sale solutions. 

With Shopify’s point of sale, merchants gain a single point of access to the reporting and operational functions their business and calendars need. 

Advanced inventory features

Purchase orders, demand forecasting, low stock reports, sale item suggestions, stock adjustments, transfers, and inventory receiving are all available in Shopify’s backend for managers to efficiently forecast and manage inventory.

Unified reporting

Daily sales reports, cash tracking, cash flow reporting, discount reports, and product reports enable merchants to adapt to growing trends in your business with unified analytics that blend in-store and online sales.

Custom staff permissions

With unlimited staff, manager approvals, sales tracking by staff, and granular staff permissions, merchants are able to delegate with peace of mind and motivate staff to grow with increased responsibilities.

Shopify POS and its backend reporting has helped us analyze our business, and understand which collections are doing well. Being able to have one system where every aspect of the store is put together from the transactions, reading into the backend, to the website—that's been really, really helpful.

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Seamless omnichannel checkouts to increase sales online and in-store

For a business to succeed, it needs to meet its customers where they’re ready to buy. This simple principle has underpinned Shopify’s omnichannel approach to commerce and our point of sale is no different.

Omnichannel selling

Shopify’s point of sale provides a seamless customer experience online and in-store. These features drive higher sales, increased customer loyalty, and a deeper relationship between customers and the businesses they support.

Local delivery and curbside pickup

Within Shopify POS and the Shopify Admin, merchants can easily manage local delivery and curbside pickup orders, an essential part of running a brick and mortar business today and into the future.

Product recommendations

Store associates are able to use insights to sell more in-store with smart suggestions based on your customers' online purchases. For businesses looking to increase their average cart value and increase the impact of their in-store sales team, this feature provides tangible results.

Complete in-store purchases online

Enable customers to finish their order at home or online, by sending an email with items they were interested in, but didn’t purchase in store.

Exchanges and returns, across channels

Exchanges and returns are easier with Shopify POS, allowing online buyers to return or exchange purchases in store.

It’s impossible to think of retail as separate...this idea of unified retail is the future.

Lasting brand loyalty with unified customer profiles and marketing

Building loyalty with customers is fundamental to growing your business. Shopify’s point of sale has been created to ensure every customer's profile carries across online and in-person purchases, allowing merchants to develop deeper, more informed relationships with their customers.

Integrated loyalty programs

Loyalty apps on Shopify’s POS enable customers to collect and redeem points both online and in-store, incentivizing buyers to both spend more and continue purchasing from a brand.

Personalized marketing with fully-synced customer profiles

Offer personalized shopping experiences with quick access to notes, lifetime spend, and past orders from any location. With this information at their fingertips, sales associates can provide an elevated experience that keeps customers coming back. This granular view into where and when customers are buying also enables more educated marketing campaigns that drive customers in-store or online, depending on the merchants business objectives.

Today, most of our in-store customers become repeat customers online. It’s much easier to repeat a purchase online once you’ve come in, done a fitting, and know your bra size.

As the cost of retail space decreases—when compared to the cost of digital advertising—and more merchants look to expand their business offline, Shopify’s point of sale and its omnichannel, customer-focused features will increasingly become the go-to POS solution for merchants focused on growth.

Customer acquisition cost in the near future will surpass the cost of the actual products being sold. It’s a very common path for Shopify brands to start online, begin experimenting, start selling, and when they get to a certain level of sales, they start to think about how to expand their brand offline.

Arpan Podduturi, Director of Product, Shopify

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