Introducing: Payment Request

Give your customers a more streamlined checkout experience on your site and across the  web.

How it works

Payment Request offers a quicker, more convenient checkout experience. It replaces traditional checkout forms by using payment and shipping information securely stored in customers’ browsers.

How you can participate

Payment Request is currently in testing. Sign up to help create a better checkout experience for your customers.

Frequently asked questions

Where and when will my customer see Payment Request?

Payment Request will surface on the cart page (or any storefront page with a sidebar checkout) when a customer clicks on checkout, pending a few conditions. 50% of your customers will see the test, and 50% will experience checkout as is. Only credit card payments are accepted at this time.

Which browsers have Payment Request enabled?

Payment Request is available in Chrome for Android (v53+) (view demo in Chrome for Android), Chrome on desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux) (v61+) (view demo in Chrome for desktop), Chrome for iOS ( v62+ ), Microsoft Edge ( v15+ ) (view demo in Microsoft Edge), and Samsung Internet Browser (v15+) (view demo in Samsung Internet Browser).

What does it mean that this feature is in “testing”?

When a feature is in testing, it means the feature is subject to real-world testing with a limited number of early users. The experiences of these early users help Shopify better understand how products are used and where we can improve.

I’ve installed the app, what should I do next?

After the app is installed, it is best to check if everything looks good on any page with a checkout button (or any page with a slide out cart). You can use ?shopifyDebug=true to force the experiment. At this time, we don't provide support for conflicting JS or discount link issues.

Here are some common issue to look for:

  • Conflicting JS/apps
  • Discount link not showing

Will I see data or learnings from the experiment?

We won’t be sharing data or learnings at the end of the experiment. We’re offering this experiment to a limited number of early users and aren't able to offer findings on individual stores.

Where is my customer’s information stored?

Your customer’s information is locally and confidentially stored in their browser.

Can I offer discount codes or accept gift cards with Payment Request?

Payment Request doesn’t support extra fields such as discount codes or gift cards at this time; however, your customers will have access to a “Have a discount or gift card?” link before they click the checkout button. If they choose to input a discount code or gift card, they’ll go through the traditional checkout flow.

I’m not seeing Payment Request—is something wrong?

No, you may have been placed into the control group that doesn’t get Payment Request. To be placed into the experiment group to view the payment sheet, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  1. Append ?shopifyDebug=true to your current URL on a page with a checkout button. The testing parameter should look similar to:

  2. Refresh the page and hit checkout

Can I remove the Payment Request app?

Yes, you can remove the app from your admin dashboard in the apps section. Please remember this is an experiment and we would love feedback on why you're removing the app.

Where can I submit feedback?

If you would like to submit feedback on Payment Request, please use this form. This is an early beta experiment, so all feedback is welcome and will help our team refine the product. Submit your responses through this form.

Will the sheet appear in the customer’s preferred language?

The payment sheet will come up in the customer’s browser language, with the exception of errors, which are currently only displayed in English.