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Live Fast Die Young migrated in 12 weeks in time for its biggest product drop

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Having launched in 2013 in a backyard in Dusseldorf, Live Fast Die Young (LFDY) quickly became a leading streetwear and lifestyle brand. As an innovative brand with a loyal customer base that includes influencers and celebrities, LFDY would see huge volumes of traffic especially when launching a new product. 

After experiencing technical issues keeping up with traffic to its site, LFDY decided to migrate to Shopify Plus. Partnering with Shopify Plus Agency Partner, Latori, the brand successfully migrated its platform in 12 weeks. Immediately after migrating, LFDY had its most successful product launch to date, with over 35,000 visitors on the site at the same time and all without any technical problems.

Last year we had tremendous growth. As the number of clicks increased, we were increasingly dissatisfied with our old platform. With our product drops, we always had problems with over ordering or that payments didn't go through. With Shopify Plus, these issues were resolved all at once.

  • Live Fast Die Young
  • Maksim Telkov, — E-Commerce Manager

With Shopify Plus, Live Fast Die Young saw results fast.


additional resources needed to maintain, update and scale the shop


weeks to successfully migrate to Shopify


people shopping at once

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