With 41 retail stores and a massive product catalogue, B.O.C. needed a robust e-commerce platform for the future

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The BIKE & OUTDOOR COMPANY GmbH & Co. KG (B.O.C.) was founded in Hamburg in 1999. The company specializes in the sale of bicycles and accessories and operates two successful online shops, boc24.de and bicycles.de, in addition to 41 branches in Germany. They needed a platform that was capable of handling a huge product catalogue and multiple sales channels in order to offer their customers a truly omnichannel experience. When they upgraded their business to Shopify Plus, they were able to:

  • Quickly and easily migrate a 15,000-product catalogue
  • Integrate 41 retail stores with 2 online shops, while automating complex product and inventory data updates
  • Reduce their monthly costs by 60% and dramatically improve internal processes


The company was beginning to feel stymied by its former ecommerce solution, which made agile working difficult and didn't provide a flexible basis for B.O.C.'s ambitious growth plans. In addition, the platform had technical weaknesses that worsened the shopping experience for customers, such as slow inventory updates and inadequate search functionality.


When considering a new platform, the most important factor for B.O.C. was to choose an innovative provider that could get them up-and-running quickly—and Shopify Plus fit the bill. Together with Latori, an experienced Shopify Plus partner with offices in Wuppertal and Munich, B.O.C. migrated both their online shops to Shopify Plus. 

With Shopify’s robust omnichannel capabilities, the brand was able to integrate all of their retail stores with their online stores, as well as synchronize complex product and inventory data. Everything was quickly implemented with the help of Shopify Flow— a custom workflow tool that’s perfectly suited to automate repetitive processes—as well as various Shopify app integrations.

Finally, due to the complexity of the business’ inventory logic, B.O.C also needed to implement its own in-house developments, leveraging Shopify’s well-documented APIs for transferring various data. 


After the migration of the two online shops, customer satisfaction increased measurably. In addition, internal processes were made more efficient for employees, giving the team more autonomy in updating the shops.

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Monthly cost savings
Retail stores synchronized with online shops
Products migrated to the new shop

"By migrating to Shopify Plus, we saved 60% on monthly costs compared to the ecommerce solution we were using before. And with Shopify's extremely high level of automation, we were able to significantly increase the productivity of our e-commerce team and rapidly optimize our processes for success."

Nils DehnProject Manager E-Commerce, B.O.C.

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