10 Halloween Graphics to Make Your Client’s Website Spooktacular

halloween graphics

Zombies, mummies, and vampires rejoice: it’s almost Halloween! With only a week until the big event, there’s no better time to spook-ify your client’s website with some fun, fanciful, and free Halloween graphics. 

This isn’t just for fun—Halloween is big business, with consumers spending $9 billion USD in 2018 on the holiday. Your client’s buyers are already in the Halloween spirit, so embracing the ghosts, ghouls, and goblins via extra spooky touches on your client’s site can help them capitalize on the season. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at 10 Halloween graphics you can use to (pumpkin) spice up your client’s site.

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1. Little reaper

While this little reaper Halloween graphic is more on the cutesy side than scary. It’s a nice, minimal animation that adds just the tiniest bit of spooky.

2. Ghost cursor

This fun ghost chases your cursor around the page, adding a bit of seasonal whimsy. It’s perfect as a slight nod to the Halloween-minded among your client’s customers.

3. Dancing skeleton

Another that falls more on the adorable than horrifying side—this skeleton’s quick little dance is a fun addition.

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4. Halloween switcher

This switcher highlights two of the season’s staples: vampires and jack o’ lanterns—in this case, both are awfully friendly looking.

5. Build your own pumpkin

Who doesn’t want a drag and drop pumpkin editor to play around with on Halloween? Create whatever combination of features you want, whether scary or sweet.

6. Witch’s cauldron

Something wicked this way comes with this bubbling cauldron. Another charming, rather minimalist Halloween graphic that will add some color to your client’s page.

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7. Skull and candles

This skull and candles are another solid animation for a touch of spooky on your client’s webpage. Anyone else hear opera music?

8. Ghost loader

Calibrating spook-o-meter…This loader is perfect for those who want to go a little more in-depth with their virtual Halloween decorations. It’s also a good reminder—don’t forget to buy candy!

9. Spooky spider

Straying a little more into creepy territory with this one. There’s something uniquely disturbing about the way this spider’s legs move. Use this Halloween graphic for a bit of a gross-out feature.

10. Haunted house

What’s hiding in the shadows? This highly elaborate animation lets you do a bit of haunted house exploring. You don’t know what your flashlight will find…

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Halloween graphics for trick or treat 👻🎃

We hope these Halloween graphics help you add a little bit of fun to your client’s sites, and help your clients connect with their buyers this season. Happy Halloween!

How do you get your clients ready for Halloween? Share your thoughts below!

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