Hawkers scales to 10,000+ orders per day using Shopify Plus

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A woman models a pair of white rimmed Hawkers sunglasses.

Founded in Spain by four close friends, Hawkers is a next generation, international sunglasses company that’s disrupting their industry. They craft affordable and fashionable sunglasses with polarized lenses paired with high-quality polycarbonate frames all over the world.

As Shopify Plus merchants, Hawkers have gone from selling hundreds of units a day to…

  • Selling over 10,000 products a day
  • Running growth experiments without fear
  • Expanding from 5 to 65 employees


When Hawkers first launched in 2013, the founders began an experiential advertising campaign on Facebook and Google. The results of that campaign went far beyond their expectations. To their surprise, the company blazed through the original stock and wound up overselling. That demand caused their supplier to run out of stock, delaying the delivery of thousands of sunglasses.

While this scenario showed consumers that Hawkers’ sunglasses were in high demand, the shipping delays were stress-testing their online system.

Customers wanted to know the status of their shipment, but the online system could only show them if an order was “shipped” or “unshipped.” Hawkers needed an ecommerce platform that could connect to their logistics providers and keep customers informed.

Not only that, but the business also needed a platform that they easily customize to continue innovating and meet consumer expectations. The Hawkers products are high quality and they want to be able to deliver an equally high-quality shopping experience.

The Hawkers logo is detailed in the side of a pair of brown turtle shell style sunglasses.

At Hawkers, we wanted an ecommerce solution that was #1 in being technologically ahead of everyone else and that’s why we chose Shopify Plus to manage our ecommerce platform.

Andreas KleinHead of International Sales, Hawkers


Once Hawkers replatformed with Shopify Plus, they began to quickly scale their business. Shopify’s unlimited bandwidth was able to handle thousands of customer requests coming through Hawkers’ website every day. They provided an easy and seamless experience to shop for sunglasses online.

Shopify’s custom integrations through the API also made it possible for Hawkers to provide customers with real-time delivery updates. Now that they have logistics running smoothly, they can focus on innovating and developing their brand.

“We were never really a sunglasses company,” according to Andreas. “We’re more of a marketing agency with a great product that we know how to brand and sell. Shopify Plus helped us to focus on that rather than the technology."

  • Shopify Plus can handle the thousands of daily orders coming through Hawkers’ website with ease
  • Multiple custom integrations made it possible to customize the platform to keep customers updated with shipping and delivery information
The Hawkers website is reponsive and works on multiple devices.


With Shopify Plus, Hawkers scaled from hundreds of orders a day to more than ten thousand.

In about two and a half years, Hawkers has grown from 5 employees to 65. Not only that, they’ve gone global by spawning hundreds of knockoffs in Spain. Today, their goal is to become a must-have accessory in the United States.

When asked how Shopify Plus has grown with them, Andreas says, “It’s actually very difficult to answer that. If the platform is supporting what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter how many orders you have coming in, or if you have half a million visitors in a day. It just works and you don’t have to think about it.”

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