The Home Security Superstore sees its biggest year ever with 70% increase in conversion rate

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Replatforming, Apps and integrations, Cost effectiveness

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During uncertain times of pandemic, natural disasters, and civil unrest, millions of Americans turn to The Home Security Superstore, which sells a large array of unique products and equipment focused on personal well-being and security. But with fast-growing demand, founder David Artman realized the process of integrating new APIs to his current ecommerce platform was becoming highly cost prohibitive.

The company migrated to Shopify Plus to enjoy greater flexibility to integrate seamlessly with apps and tools like QuickBooks, Re:amaze, and DataFeedWatch; easier, more robust customization of product pages; and better data analytics to drive conversions and boost average order value.

With Shopify Plus, The Home Security Superstore saw results fast.

Increase in conversion rate
Increase in repeat customers
in annual revenue

We moved to Shopify Plus because our old platform wasn’t hitting the high points that I needed it to, and we needed more flexibility to plug into existing technologies for productivity and marketing support. Shopify Plus is more than a platform, it’s a partnership.

David ArtmanFounder, The Home Security Superstore

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