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Embodying the essence of luxury and elegance, florist and gift boutique Mr Roses is truly an Australian success story. Founded as Roses Only in the early days of the internet in 1995, the company began with its own managed infrastructure: servers, payment gateway licenses, and coders. When international expansion followed, Mr Roses was born in 2019, though with huge traffic spikes common on occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, the company could afford to take no chances with platform reliability.

Customer experience was atop the brand’s value propositions, so Mr Roses relied on Shopify Plus’s fortification of its website in its peak times, suffering no downtime in its entire history. Mr Roses is now seeing an increase in return customers, specifically those who are continuing to purchase outside of traditional and seasonal gifting occasions.

With Shopify Plus, Mr Roses saw results fast.

  • Ability to scale in peak seasonal times, without any downtime
  • Time freed from managed infrastructure to focus on the core business
  • Quality of customer experience matching the quality of its luxury products

The constant feedback from our customers is that they love the simplicity of the Mr Roses website. Shopify Plus is all about quality and being streamlined, and that complements the simplicity and the quality of what we deliver at Mr Roses. Shopify Plus is a trusted and respected platform that delivers on its promises.

James StevensFounder, Mr Roses

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