10 Examples of Successful Retail Showrooms

Retail showroom | Shopify Retail blog

Whether you already have brick-and-mortar locations or have considered one, you know all too well how expensive and high-maintenance large retail spaces can be.

The high rental prices and long commercial leases are two of the many reasons more offline sellers are opting for temporary stores (like pop-up shops) and ways to make do with smaller spaces.

One creative alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts is setting up a showroom—a storefront that carries little-to-no inventory for purchase

As the retail industry continues to changes, showrooms have become more and more popular. Showrooms have always been popular with certain industries (think car dealerships or bespoke clothing retailers) but the model is taking off with online and larger retailers as well.

The New York Times article, Retailers Experiment With a New Philosophy: Smaller Is Better, offers an apt description of showrooms: “In intimate salons, some the size of a cafe, shoppers can examine a limited selection of merchandise and place orders for products to be delivered or collected later.”

Showrooms can be set up temporarily to test markets or introduce new audiences to your brand or can be permanent setups to encourage customers to consistently interact with your products and place orders. Now, let’s take a look at 10 examples of brands using showrooms to successfully sell their products.