Belong Designs

Belong Designs is all about pursuing your passion in life.

The euphoria of harmonizing with nature and body, spirit and mind; is what it means to belong. Whether you are a fan, athlete, or someone who simply wants to live in the moment, you have the right to belong.

What are the key factors that have helped your store be successful?

We currently sponsor 13 athletes in various sports, 6 of which are professional. We are stoked for the future direction of our company as we have began product development for Skis, Snowboards ("BelongBoards"), and Longboards ("BelongBoards").

We have prototypes coming in for custom Belong outerwear for the Ski and Snowboard industry including gloves and ski/board jackets. We are currently investigating areas of the action sports industry that can be improved from a product enhancement standpoint.

All three owners currently work Project Management jobs that pay extremely well and are completely investing all income (aside from living expenses) into Belong. The 18hr days (10hrs PM+ 8hrs Belong) are definitely taxing, however as Rob Dyrdek put it... "True entrepreneurs will work at what they love from when the sun comes up and go to bed when they can barely keep their eyes open".

What are your top recommendations for new store owners?

I would definitely recommend making the right connections in the industry and making sure that loyalty is paramount in everybody's minds! Definitely put your company out there and stick to your core values as a house is only as strong as its foundations, no matter what fluff you put on the outside :)

Any Closing Remarks?

Sharing our passion for snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, surfing, music and art is just the beginning.

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