Become a Shopify partner and earn 20% commissions

Grow your web design, web development, or digital marketing business. Get new clients and earn 20% commissions on referred merchants’ subscriber fees —it’s free to join.

Web design

The Shopify Partner Program is a community of web designers, developers, digital marketers, creative agencies, and freelancers that help merchants start, sell, market, and/or manage their ecommerce businesses.

Connect with customers

1 in 3 Shopify merchants seek help from a Shopify expert every 6 months. Through our Shopify partnership program, aspiring merchants can capitalize on professional skills and knowledge to make their online stores a success.

Earn 20% commission

Grow your web design, web development, or digital marketing business. Shopify’s Partner Program gives you access to millions of Shopify merchants in 175 countries. Get new clients and earn 20% commissions on referred merchants’ subscriber fees.

Offer your clients the world-class ecommerce solution

Millions of merchants use Shopify to run their online stores. By partnering with Shopify, you’ll be working with a top product that’s both easy to use and provides your clients with a commerce experience they want now—and in the future.

Grow with Shopify as a partner

The Shopify Partner Program offers huge learning opportunities. Get access to comprehensive documentation, a learning portal, a partner community of Shopify experts, insider information on product roadmaps, and priority 24/7 partner support.

A world-class ecommerce solution

website development

Unlimited development stores

As a partner, you won’t be constrained by a free trial period. Instead, you'll get unlimited access to our development store environment. This gives you an opportunity to test, optimize, and iterate on your best work.

Showcase your work to attract new clients

Shopify partners can also use the development store as a portfolio to showcase their work and pitch new clients.

Stable, reliable hosting

Shopify offers a 99.98% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, and PCI level 1 compliance to handle even the most complex stores.

Powerful all-in-one ecommerce toolkit

Easily navigate dashboards, products, sales, marketing, and inventory management from a single platform with turnkey ecommerce solutions. Simplify your workflow, implement faster, and customize easier with the Shopify toolkit.

Extensive app integrations

Add features and functionality to your client's business with 6,000+ apps that integrate directly with Shopify.

Award-winning support

Connect with 24/7 Shopify customer support over online chat or email.

How the Shopify Partner Program Works

Signup for free

Simply signup for a Shopify Partner account as a website developer, designer, freelancer, creative freelancer or agency, for free.

Build development stores

Once you’re a partner, start building development stores through the partner dashboard. Experiment and test as much as you want. There’s no time limit to work on a development store, and you can create an unlimited number of them.

Transfer development store to start earning commissions

After creating a development store, transfer store ownership over to your client. When the transfer is complete and your client switches to a paid plan, Shopify pays you 20% of the client’s subscription fee.

Create your free partner account today

Join Shopify for free and take your digital business to the next level

*Terms and Conditions. To receive Shopify Partner Referral Commissions, one must meet the following conditions: 1. You are a Shopify Partner who has a Partner account. 2. The Shopify Partner refers an individual/entity (“Referred Merchant”) to Shopify via their Shopify Partner Dashboard. 3. The Referred Merchant registers a Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify, and or Shopify Plus account through the Shopify Partner’s Referral. 4. The Referred Merchant pays monthly subscription fees for their applicable Shopify account.

If these conditions are met, the Shopify Partner will receive the following commissions (collectively, “Referral Commissions”): 1. The Shopify Partner will receive 20% of the Referred Merchant’s monthly Basic Shopify, Shopify, or Advanced Shopify subscription fees or 20% of the Referred Merchant's monthly Base Plus Platform fee on all new deals. 2. Shopify Starter and Shopify Lite Plans are not eligible for Referral Commissions.

The commission recurs monthly as long as the merchant remains a paying Shopify merchant. Please refer to the Shopify Partner Agreement for the complete Terms and Conditions.