[Free Webinar] How to Build Your First Shopify App

[Free Webinar] How to Build Your First Shopify App

How to Build Your First Shopify App: 2016

Watch the webinar recording

The live broadcast of this webinar has already happened, but don’t worry you can still watch the recording on our blog.

Watch the recording


Do you have an idea for the next big Shopify App, but aren’t sure where to begin?

On June 21, Shopify Developer Advocate Josh Brown will host a free webinar that shows you how to build and launch your first app with Shopify.

Whether you’re a developer looking for a new platform to work with, or a veteran of the Shopify ecosystem, you’ll discover what it takes to build an app with our platform, and how Shopify apps can become a major source of recurring income for your business.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Conduct market research and get feedback on your app concept
  • Build a user-friendly Shopify app with the Embedded App SDK
  • Test your app for common security issues
  • Get your app published in the Shopify App Store
  • Monetize your app

Looking for some amazing content to tide you over until our next live event? Head over to our webinars page and check out our previous Partner Session webinars.

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