Build the Future of Immersive Shopping Experiences—Introducing New Ways to Work with AR/VR

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Limited beta now available for Shopify merchants to store 3D models in Shopify, as well as access 3D modelling, AR app building services, and more through the Shopify Partner Ecosystem.

This year at Shopify Unite, we announced our first step to becoming a 3D-enabled commerce platform: merchants will soon be able to access free storage of digital 3D models within Shopify.

In addition, we’re adding new partners to our Shopify Partner Program who will help merchants create 3D models of their products, as well as find new and innovative ways to reach their audiences in new mediums like augmented reality.

Whether you’re a web design agency or app developer who’s never done 3D before, or you’re already capable of creating 3D models, Shopify is creating opportunities for you to deliver unique value to merchants and their customers around the world.

Today, we move closer to unlocking the ability for businesses of all sizes to deliver immersive AR, VR, and 3D web commerce experiences at scale. Read on to learn more about how Shopify is expanding our partner ecosystem and releasing new tools to make this innovative form of shopping a reality for everyone.

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3D model storage on Shopify

The ability to store 3D models in Shopify allows us to continue to act as the hub for businesses of all sizes, and to help them reach their respective audiences. Just as merchants today use a JPEG file to surface a product image, they’ll soon be able to use interactive 3D models that give customers a chance to get to know a product better.


Our vision is that technologies like Augmented Reality will fundamentally change how we shop in the future. By offering a new API for managing 3D content, and unlocking 3D modelling and storage tools, our merchants will be empowered to work alongside specialized partners to bring new immersive 3D-enabled commerce to their customers at scale for the first time.

Currently, 3D model storage is subject to an early access program, but we’ll be opening the product to all Shopify merchants throughout 2018.

The era of 3D content is just beginning and the future is filled with new and exciting applications that make use of 3D content across many new emerging channels.

Shopify Partners will be a crucial part of building this future, so much so that we’re introducing new ways for 3D studios and freelancers to join our ecosystem and work alongside merchants and other Shopify Partners to build these new experiences.

Shopify Partners for 3D commerce experiences

In order to support the growth of these new and innovative commerce experiences, we’ve opened a limited beta to Shopify Plus Partners who can provide 3D services to our ecosystem, with the goal of rolling out access to all Shopify Partners throughout 2018.

Below you’ll find two new ways to work as a Shopify Partner creating 3D shopping experiences with merchants.

3D modelling partners

3D models offer consumers exciting new ways to explore products. From viewing the product at any angle on the web, to placing the product in their physical space using AR, or picking up and interacting with the product in VR, 3D models offer versatile and new ways to engage buyers.


Our goal is to enable and support 3D modelling experts to connect with our merchants, and supply content that enables the best buyer experiences ever created.

Sayduck: 3D modelling and 3D on the web

Our friends at Sayduck are our first 3D modelling and 3D on the web partner! Using product photos provided by merchants, Sayduck creates affordable, high-quality models of products that can be embedded into a merchant’s web and mobile storefronts.

These same models stored in Shopify can also be reused for AR, VR, and future 3D-powered experiences.

3D app partners

There’s no shortage of excitement around the new ways to discover products through augmented reality mobile apps. We want to welcome the studios and freelancers building these apps into our ecosystem, and connect them with Shopify merchants looking to build immersive shopping experiences.

Tapcart: Building Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

At Unite, we showed off Tapcart’s AR app in collaboration with Fashion Nova, where users were able to mix and match clothes to make a ‘flat-lay’ of an outfit.


We are excited to provide technologies that will allow all partners to work with merchants to create new experiences using AR and without concerning themselves with the complexity of 3D model storage and delivery.

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Apply for early access

In the coming months, we’ll publicly release APIs that allow all Shopify Partners to access 3D content in Shopify. If you’re currently a Shopify Plus Partner, a Shopify Partner looking to add 3D offerings to your toolkit for merchants in the near future, or you’re interested in becoming a Shopify Partner to provide 3D services, fill out our partner intake form.

Currently, the program is in early access, but we’ll be accepting new partners on a rolling basis throughout 2018. The team will reach out if you’re a fit!

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