[Free Webinar] Enable your Merchants to Sell in Multiple Currencies on Shopify Payments

[Free Webinar] Enable your Merchants to Sell in Multiple Currencies on Shopify Payments


At Unite in 2018, we announced the upcoming ability to sell in multiple currencies on Shopify Payments. When this feature launches, it will automatically detect a customer’s country, and offer prices in that customer’s local currency, an experience that will carry on through checkout. This update will support nine key currencies at launch.

This update is coming to Shopify Plus merchants this December, but we’re sharing it early with Shopify Partners to ensure you have time to adjust your apps and respond to new API changes.

This live webinar has already broadcast but the recording is available on demand.

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Selling in multiple currencies brings many opportunities to help grow your business. You can reach new clients by being the solution for Shopify merchants looking for app alternatives that support multi-currency, and extend the currency-aware experience across your backend and storefront apps.

But to reap all these benefits, you need to know about changes in Shopify’s APIs, and how you can take action to respond to them.

In this free webinar, David Cameron, Product Manager at Shopify Plus, will walk you through the changes to the customer and merchant experiences with multi-currency for Shopify Payments.

During this one hour presentation, you will learn:

  • About the two concepts that lie at the foundation of selling in multiple currencies: shop currency and presentment currency
  • How Shopify’s APIs have evolved to support multi-currency and the API changes that impact to you as an app or theme developer
  • How to enable selling in multiple currencies on your development stores

Webinar registration is now closed. This webinar took place on Wednesday, Nov 14 at 12:00PM EST (9:00AM PST/5:00PM UTC).

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