What’s New at Shopify: Nov. 24, 2017

what's new: 24

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are finally here! After weeks of planning we hope you and your client’s hard work has paid off.

But, don’t get too comfortable just yet — after BFCM dies down, the holiday season ramps up. This is a good opportunity to keep the momentum going and motivate your clients all the way til the end of 2017.

To make sure you’re up-to-date on what’s new at Shopify, here’s part four of our product roundup series. Read on to be the first to know what’s new with the Shopify platform — share with your wider team, and better equip yourself to support your clients.

In this article, we cover updates from inside the Shopify admin, new shipping options, and freshly available mobile features.

Here’s what’s new at Shopify.

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Inside the Shopify Admin

1. Watch visitors turn into customers in real-time

Marketing efforts ramp up during BFCM and the holidays as merchants push to make the most out of the high-sale seasons.

With this in mind, we recently launched Live View, a new reporting feature that provides merchants with an overview of their store’s activities in real-time. An interactive map lights up to show not only where visitors are coming from, but which ones are converting into sales.

what's new: live view

To access Live View reporting on desktop and/or mobile, go to Analytics in the admin, hit Live tab, and then See Live View.

Your clients now receive moment-to-moment updates, as they sit back and watch their hard work pay off.

Live View features include:

  • Live number of visitors and their location.
  • Sales from visitors converting into customers.
  • Total daily visits, orders, and sales.
  • Number of pages being viewed right now.

Learn more and educate your clients with a dedicated blog post on Live View.

2. Effortlessly transfer domains

In an effort to make domain handling simple and straightforward, we’ve launched “Domain Transfers.”

If your clients purchased their domain names through Shopify, they no longer need access to OpenSRS to manage their domains. Instead, they can transfer them directly to another registrar from the Shopify admin.

Familiarize yourself with Shopify domains.

New shipping options

3. Guaranteed delivery, great rates

Shipping is high-up on a merchant’s list of concerns, so we’re introducing UPS as an integration for Shopify Shipping, available for U.S.-based merchants.

what's new: shipping

Thanks to this partnership, your clients can now save up to 52 percent on domestic and international shipping rates. They can show these rates at checkout, buy UPS shipping labels when fulfilling their orders, and offer guaranteed delivery to their customers.

U.S.-based merchants receive this new shipping option on all Shopify plans. An extra option doesn’t mean more work, on the contrary! Merchants now have the luxury of choice between carriers and delivery speeds.

No matter how big or small a merchant’s business is, they can gain access to the same shipping options as enterprise retailers.

Share all UPS Shipping perks with your U.S. Clients.

Do more with mobile

4. Create discounts from the palm of your hand

Discounts are a vital sales tactic for BFCM and the holidays when customers are on the hunt for the best deals. To make discounts more accessible, we’ve created “Discounts on Mobile” — the ability to create, modify, and manage discounts directly from the Shopify app.

what's new: discounts on mobile
To get started, you can find your discounts in the “Store” tab of your Shopify app.

Sales and promotions can be created on-the-go and from anywhere, no need to worry about being back at your desk. After sales and promotions have been released, your clients can monitor the success of their campaigns, and if a sale is performing well, they can extend it from the palm of their hand.

Learn about other recent mobile updates to inform your clients.

5. Customer timeline and spotlight search

Merchants tend to be on-the-go, which means they need to access information, make note of events, and execute on tasks from wherever they happen to find themselves. To better equip your clients, we’ve released two new updates to the Shopify mobile app:

  • Customer Timelines A productivity tool that allows merchants to view detailed customer histories, write notes and comments for specific orders, draft orders, and carry out transfers. Though already present in Shopify’s web admin, this feature has now come to the Shopify mobile app.
  • Spotlight Search — iPhone’s Spotlight search field helps users quickly find anything on their device and on the web. Now, merchants can use the phone’s search bar to find products, customers, collections, and orders easily from the comfort of their iOS mobile device.

Get your clients set-up on the Shopify mobile app.

Watch BFCM Unfold

6. Celebrate with the BFCM Dashboard

what's new: live dashboard
Our final announcement is a celebratory showcase of merchant’s BFCM sales numbers.

Our final announcement is a celebratory showcase of merchant’s BFCM sales numbers.

We created a live BFCM dashboard called Shopify Data Stories — a one-stop, real-time view of sales around the world. The dashboard is a visual representation of what’s selling, who’s selling the most, and a comparison of what consumers around the world are buying.

This is our own version of a football game’s score (or, insert the sport of your choice). Thanks to Shopify and partners, small-to-medium-sized business around the world are a big part of BFCM, meaning big box stores don’t own the game anymore.

Celebrate with your clients as you watch the numbers unfold. Last year, Shopify processed more than half a million worth of orders per minute at BFCM’s peak.

Where do you think the peak will reach this year?

Visit the dashboard and share it with your clients.

It doesn’t end here

This wraps up our fourth product update, just in time for BFCM. But we want to keep supporting you in better serving your clients, meaning that we’ll keep publishing product updates going forward, in an effort to better educate you on Shopify’s platform and the new tools that become available.

Make sure to read the previous “What’s new at Shopify” from early November and use these updates to end the year strong. Or, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Have questions about these updates? Let us know in the comments below!


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