What's New at Shopify: September 7, 2018

Shopify What's New: Sept 7

Welcome to the September edition of What’s New at Shopify. With an exciting product announcement, an event near you, and loads of feature updates and launches for merchants, this blog post will help you stay in the know and drive success for your clients. Here’s what’s new this month.

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1. The new Shopify App Store

Shopify What's New Sept 7: App Store

The new Shopify App Store has been redesigned and relaunched to better help you market to and match with over 600,000 merchants, through new subcategories, improved app listing pages, and better recommendations.

Our revamped approach to app search and discovery, paired with clearer app listing pages, makes it much easier for merchants to discover, evaluate, and use apps to help them run their business. With these improvements, app developers can more easily showcase the value their app brings to merchants.

Check out the new Shopify App Store

Visit the new Shopify App Store, and see how it puts your app in front of the right merchants at the right time.

Visit the app store

2. Announcing the speakers at Shopify Pursuit

Shopify What's New Sept 7: Pursuit tickets

Shopify Pursuit is our international conference series for partners happening across four different continents, in five cities, from September to November 2018. Two weeks ago we announced who’s speaking at each Pursuit event.

There are still limited tickets available for the events. Each ticket includes a full day of presentations, office hours, networking opportunities, evening meetups, and a limited-seating master class. If three or more people from your business are planning to attend Pursuit, tickets are available at a discounted rate using the discount code GROUP.

Get your Pursuit ticket

3. App trial days and billing information

Merchants can now see which of their apps are currently in their free trial period, and how many days they have left in the trial. This information will appear in the app index of their store admin, and makes it easy for merchants to tell how much longer until they will start getting charged for the app.

Additionally, merchants can now view specific billing information in the View details modal. They’ll be able to see the next charge date and charge amount of the app, and any additional charges that will apply. This allows merchants to understand exactly how much an app is costing them, and when they’ll be charged.

Making app trial and billing information more accessible to merchants provides clarity, helps to avoid misunderstandings around billing, and builds trust between merchants and app developers.

To find out more about app billing information, read our help docs page on app invoicing.

4. Transporter app will simplify Shopify Plus data migration

Shopify What's New Sept 7: Transporter App

Data migrations are complex, time-consuming, and resource heavy. Merchants wishing to migrate data to Shopify’s platform encounter issues relating to data reliability. Often, this can delay the successful launch of their online store.

Transporter is Shopify Plus’s own data migration tool. It allows merchants to upload large files to import products, customers, orders, and metafields. Transporter is the fastest way to load data into Shopify, making re-platforming easier.

With Transporter, you’ll also have access to a command-line tool, allowing you to extract and transform data from competing ecommerce platforms (currently only supporting Magento).

This is a useful feature for you to highlight to potential clients who are not yet on the platform, as well as to existing clients who could be saving valuable time and effort as they work.

Transporter is available to all Shopify Plus merchants and partners. See Help Center documentation for more information.

5. Bulk upload redirects via csv for easier migrations

Shopify What's New Sept 7: Redirects

Merchants can now easily redirect thousands of their store’s pages in just a couple of minutes, making it easier for them to migrate to Shopify without risking their extremely valuable and hard earned search rankings.

Merchants can set up 301 redirects from theOnline > Navigation > URL Redirects section of the admin. There, they can bulk upload redirects by choosing Import, or export their entire list of redirects for easy editing.

For partners, this update is useful when helping a client with a site redesign or an SEO project, such as merging pages or blogs, and solving 404 page errors. This new way of adding redirects will streamline your process.

For more information on redirects, check out our API docs, or the article in our Help Center.

6. Shopify Payments: Sell and get paid in different currencies

Shopify What's New Sept 7: Sell and Settle

Shopify Payments helps hundreds of thousands of growing merchants accept payments anywhere they sell.

In order to support merchants selling globally, we are unlocking the ability for Shopify Payments merchants (with the exception of United States merchants not on Shopify Plus) to sell in a foreign currency and receive payouts in their local currency.

With Shopify Payments, merchants can:

  • Experience a better payments experience with clear, low rates and no hidden fees
  • Provide customers with a seamless checkout experience and increase conversion rates with accelerated checkouts like Shopify Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Sync customers’ payment details with their orders, helping them track what, how much, and by whom they’ve been paid, without leaving Shopify

This is a useful feature for you to highlight to clients who are currently using a third party payment app. Switching to Shopify Payments only takes about a minute to set up. They’ll have no interruption in sales and can be on their way in just a few clicks.

7. GDPR Webhooks

In order to be GDPR compliant, all Shopify apps that handle personal data (eg. customer names and email addresses) must subscribe to all three mandatory GDPR webhooks, which allow developers to respond to requests around accessing, viewing, and deleting personal data.

All three webhooks are available to integrate with, and webhooks relating to all redaction and/or data requests are now being sent. Once received, these need to be acted on within 30 days, unless you are otherwise required to keep the information.

For more information on implementing these webhooks, actioning on them, and general background on your obligation, please see the most recent GDPR forum post for more details.

8. Buy X Get Y discounts can now be set to multiply

Discount promotions are a great way for merchants to increase sales. To help facilitate these promotions, we’ve made an addition to our ‘Buy X Get Y’ discount.

The ‘get Y’ portion of the discount can now multiply when customers purchase more than one ‘X’ item. Any new BXGY discounts created will have the option to set a maximum number of uses, but will also allow the discount to multiply when customers purchase the right number of items to satisfy the rule more than once. For example, if a customer orders four items as part of a Buy One Get One Free discount, two items in the orders will be free by default.

This update helps Shopify Partners guide merchants in leveraging the power of discounts. Help merchants increase sales by using this powerful discount type.

For more information, check out the discounts help guide, which walks through the discount creation process.

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Tools for merchant success

These updates will help you grow your business, through an enhanced app store or by using this knowledge to help merchants make the most of their businesses. Stay tuned for next month’s updates on everything that’s new on the Shopify platform.

What update are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!


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