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Montreal, Canada


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EcomExperts is a development team specialized in Shopify site speed optimizations.

With over 100+ Shopify stores optimized we are confident to say we are the leaders in the space.

Also developed: - Shopify only FREE speed Checker

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Site performance and speed

Featured work Site Speed Optimization is a large Shopify Plus store. Over the past years they did not have the chance to clean up their code and focus on performance. 

They used apps for external script blocking. These apps where intended to speed up the site but instead worked as a bandage - not addressing the real issues.

It took us a full week of code re-write but their site is blazing fast now!

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Happy Coffee Site Optimization

Happy Coffee get's lots of their leads using SEO and thus was rightfully concerned with their site speed.

We jumped in and improved all of the Google Core Web Vitals. Result? Their Shopify score boomed - their UX spiked - and their bottom line increased!
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Priya's Teas

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Wow! We had so much trouble getting our website to function quickly enough and it was killing our conversions! Ecom Experts responded quickly and professionally, gave me a video walkthrough of the issues and what they could do to help, and then connected me with their top-notch developer team and now our speed score is 87 and rising! Couldn't recommend them more! Best experience and I now do al...