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Here at Grape Digital our aim is to help you get the best out of your online store. We have been working on the Shopify platform since 2011. Whether you're in need of a new site or an update to an existing site we've got the expertise to make that happen.

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Store build or redesign, Store migration, Product and collection setup, Theme customization


Food and drink, Home and garden, Jewelry and accessories, Sports and recreation

Featured work

Pentreath & Hall - New Site Design & Build

This client was looking to move from Magento 1 across to Shopify. We came up with a design that embodied their well known brand and brought their great product images to the forefront of the site. We built a bespoke site that they're extremely pleased with, which has really pushed their sales to the next level and helped the business reach new heights through their online platform.
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Persephone Books - Site Migration from Magento

We have worked with Persephone for a number of years now and off the back of our platform recommendation we moved them from Magento to Shopify. We managed to increase the speed of the site hugely and massively streamlined their back office process with the Shopify ecosystem. Their online sales have also dramatically increased.
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Zoey Simmons - Theme Customisations

Zoey Simmons are constantly driving ideas for how to improve the user experience on the site, and we have done considerable work in the backend to improve performance. We have taken a standard theme and bespoked to their needs, adding great improvements with each iteration of their theme. 
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Proathlon - Buy Button

Proathlon weren't ready to move their whole site Shopify yet so we implemented a buy button, a great way to take your first steps into the Shopify. We embedded the functionality into their existing site giving them the ability to quickly add an e-commerce dimension to their online presence. 
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Pirani - Theme Customisation

Pirani approached us because they wanted to use a company that was able to customise their existing site, but with a huge emphasis on efficiency. We make all our changes with a real focus on re-using existing where possible. This is nothing different to how we usually work but it's great to work with a client who is driven by keeping the site running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
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