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Los Angeles, United States

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United States, Canada, Mexico, Singapore


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Manufactur is a creative agency that offers unique design solutions specializing in Shopify development, branding, identity, marketing, strategy, and content

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Description: While every branding project is truly unique, we have discovered a secret sauce that we enthusiastically apply to each one. This becomes less of a secret once you work with us and experience collaboration at every step of your project. We apply data-informed brand strategy and an immersed understanding of your ultimate vision to ensure that everything we make is an extension of your brand.

Starting at $20000

Description: We are proud to be Shopify experts. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re growing an existing ecommerce presence, we can help you. If you want an online store as unique as your brand, you’re in good hands. We prefer to build everything from the ground up.

Included in starting price: UX, Design, Development

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Description: We understand the importance of having a website that embodies your brand and successfully engages with users. With years of web experience under our belt, we’re confident in our ability to build or modify a website that will fit both your needs and those of your target audience, whether your goal is to share your blog with the world or to open the doors of your ecommerce shop.

Other services

3D modelling, Banner ads, Business strategy guidance, Custom apps and integrations, Custom domain setup, Product and collection setup


Clothing and fashion, Food and drink, Health and beauty, Jewelry and accessories

Featured work

The Pizza Cupcake

Pizza Cupcake appeared on TV’s everywhere with their successful pitch on Shark Tank, and they needed a website re-vamp to further establish their brand identity and accommodate their newfound growth. We stepped in with strategy, an intuitive e-commerce platform, and an interactive web design full of bright colors and animations that would scale with the rapidly growing snack brand.
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Phyll created a new smoothie technology, which allows their smoothies to stay delicious and fresh outside the fridge. They approached us to help educate their audience, and through packaging, photography, web, copwriting, and design, our branding experts embraced the challenge.
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Pete & Gerry’s

We teamed up with Pete & Gerry’s to create a Shopify site focused on playful illustrations and animations showcasing the brand's Certified Humane values, premium egg quality, and the egg-lover’s purchase journey.
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Pitaya Foods

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IRVINS Salted Egg Chips are a Singaporean staple. This dangerously addictive snack brand is a leading brand in its home country, and is even a household name within Eastern Asia. Recently, they set a goal to expand beyond their home continent and into international markets, including the US market. Our goal was to assist in their site redesign to better speak to and broaden their US audience. 
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