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Manchester, United Kingdom




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I help brands 2x-5x their sales in 30 days or less with Facebook Ads. 

Ogee.com > from $17k/mo to $500k/mo
Dailyorders.com > First $100k month in 30 days
Klumhouse.com > $239k result 4.06 ROAS
Susanshaw.com > $26k/mo to $173k/mo in 30 days

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Social media marketing


Clothing and fashion, Health and beauty, Home and garden, Jewelry and accessories

Featured work

Ogee.com - $1M in 90 days with Facebook Ads

Before I helped them

❌ Didn't realise they were actually LOSING money
❌ Had no idea the potential they had to grow
❌ Were stuck around $17k/month in sales

After I helped them 

✅ Went from $17k/month to $500,000+ month in 4 months
✅ Did $40,000+ sales in one day
✅ Understood Facebook ads and the power when done correctly
✅ Now enjoys consistent multiple 6 figure months
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Susanshaw.com - $26k/mo to $173k/mo in 30 days with Facebook Ads

"Celebrating our biggest month ever and on pace to 10x our sales compared to this time last year. Pumped where all of this can go with Peter on board!"- Susanshaw.com
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Dailyorders.com - $100k in 30 days with Facebook Ads

"Sharing a monster win this morning, for the first time, we reached a $100k month!"
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Homeware - from $90k/mo to $764k/mo with Facebook Ads

In January 2020 this brand did $90k in sales. After I helped them with their Facebook ads, they did $764k in sales in January 2021. 
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Knitting Brand - 10 ROAS in 30 days with Facebook Ads

From struggling to 10 ROAS in under 30 days. 
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