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Industry leading eCommerce agency with over 25 years of experience with both enterprise and growing retailers. Virid specializes in performance optimization, custom app development, usability, and complex back-office integrations. 

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Description: We specialize in moving sites to new ecommerce platforms and making complex integrations possible. Whether its getting a new site up and running, or moving your site data from another platform to Shopify without missing a step, we can help. 

Virid can help you choose the best converting theme, customize your theme to match your brand, and get all of your apps and services working seamlessly.

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Description: Virid’s capabilities extend beyond working on existing material. We specialize in developing apps that solve unique problems. Virid can help you identify what may be needed and find the solution that fits your specific needs. 

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Description: Re-platforming is a major task involving migrating data to the new site. Data migration is especially important to maintain the security of that data from one point to the other and is a process that requires extensive technical expertise. Virid can help make your site migration process as smooth as possible, while maintaining compliance with industry standards, and security and integrity of data.

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Description: Virid's eCommerce Revenue Optimization (eCRO) service maximizes your site's revenue using existing resources. Beginning with a thorough site analysis and leveraging 20+ years of expertise, the audit includes usability, performance, code practices, analytics, mobile optimization, and accessibility. 

Also available as a monthly service to provide a roadmap and expert guidance for growth updates.

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Description: The challenge of doing things yourself is that for most teams each new feature is the first time they have done it. There's a wealth of information online on how to get started, but not much with all the details you'll need. 

We've been there, and probably implemented what you are looking to create or we have done something pretty close.

Don't wonder why its not working. That's where we come in.

Other services

Ongoing website management, Business strategy guidance, Website audit and optimization strategy


Clothing and fashion, Health and beauty, Jewelry and accessories, Lifestyle

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Virid provides ongoing performance optimization and development support for the more complex challenges of this premium glass chair mat company. Services include conversion rate optimization (CRO), usability and performance reviews, and custom development support. 
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Great Garden Plants

Virid provides ongoing development support and customization for this popular garden and landscape supply company. Selling plants to consumers offers unique challenges with climate zones and planting seasons and the team at Virid assisted in developing custom applications to let customers filter on their unique planting situations. 
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La-Tee-Da! Fundraising

Developed an integrated application that provides the ability for merchants to manage fundraising campaigns. The application provides custom product and pricing lists, sales rep and organization management for traditional fundraising operations, and school, teacher, homeroom, and student management for fundraising in school environments. 
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Current Boutique

Virid assisted Current Boutique in their re-platform to Shopify by securely migrating old site content & data and updating the site’s tech stack. This increased speed and efficiency while adding new functionality. Virid also created a new site design for Current Boutique and created a custom integration with Current Boutique’s legacy systems, adding new capabilities and improved UX. 
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Big Kahuna Fundraising

Big Kahuna Prime Fundraising chose Virid as their Shopify Plus Agency Partner based upon Virid’s expertise in developing customized solutions and a track-record of delivery above and beyond scope. Big Kahuna faced a multi-faceted and unique challenge with this project. Virid was able to deliver full-spectrum improvements from UX and cross-sells, to simplified operations and new site capabilities. 
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