chapter 1

The lives we lead are increasingly carried out online.

It’s where people go to shop, to find work, to communicate with their network — and to hire people to help them look good on the internet.

That’s where you come in. The market is rich with entrepreneurs, merchants, businesses small and large looking for assistance creating their online store. They might be tech-savvy, but they often have complicated customization requirements or simply not enough time to worry about it.

Your choice to become a web-based freelancer or small business is a great one. But now that you’ve made that decision...what’s next?

How do you brand yourself online to stand apart from the masses? How do you find your first customer? When you do find a prospect, how do you draft a killer proposal that will win them over? How do you decide what to charge? What the heck does a standard client contract look like? What about an invoice? What are the necessary steps you need to take before launching a store for a client?

These, among others, are the questions we will answer in this guide. We’ve reached out to some of the industry’s finest, who have been working with clients and navigating this online market for years. Ten different authors share 10 chapters full of insights and practical advice that you can take to build your business into something sustainable.

We include templates, checklists and recommendations for everything you’ll need to start your business.

Ready? Let’s get growing.

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2. Branding | Deciding What Your Company Stands For

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